Putin dismisses Biden’s threat as “nonsense” and says he has “no interest” in attacking NATO.

The Russian president warns of “problems” with Finland now that the Nordic nation has joined NATO in an interview with state television in Russia.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin referred to President Joe Biden’s threat that if Russia prevails in the war in Ukraine, it would attack a member as “complete nonsense” and stated that Moscow has “no interest” in doing so.

Earlier this month, Biden issued a warning, saying that “if he takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there” and that he would launch attacks on NATO nations, pitting “American troops against Russian troops.”

Biden’s remarks, according to Vladimir , were merely an effort to defend “mistaken policy” toward Russia and the conflict in Ukraine.

In an interview that Rossiya state television released on Sunday, He stated, “I think President Biden understands that it is complete nonsense.

Vladimir remarked, “Russia has no reason, no interest—nor economic, political, or military interest—in fighting with countries.

He also forewarned about “problems” with Finland following the EU nation’s NATO membership in the interview.

The head of NATO sees a “real risk” that Putin will attack other nations after Ukraine.

On the same day that Putin promised to carry on the war in Ukraine, Stoltenberg issues his warning.

war in Ukraine
war in Ukraine

In the event that Russia defeats Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir will wage war elsewhere, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned on Thursday.

During a meeting with Robert Fico, the prime minister of Slovakia, Stoltenberg warned reporters that “there is a real risk that his aggression will not end there” if He prevails in Ukraine. “Our assistance is not gratuitous. It is a financial commitment to our safety.”

The election winner from September, Fico, has stopped supplying military hardware to Kyiv and is dubious about helping the country.

However, Stoltenberg wants the alliance to resist Russia with all its might.

“Persuading President Putin that they will lose in combat is the only way to arrive at a fair and long-lasting resolution And maintaining our support for Ukraine is the only way to make sure President understands that he is losing the war,” the head of NATO stated.

His remarks coincided with the Russian president’s declaration that he will not be relenting from his war against Ukraine.

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