Putin asserts that Moscow’s objectives can be met and that Russia’s military is in the lead in Ukraine.

MOSCOW (AP) — Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, stated on Tuesday that his nation’s military has taken the lead in Ukraine after fending off a counteroffensive that lasted for months and is in a strong position to accomplish Moscow’s objectives.

A day after he submitted paperwork to Russia’s Central Election Commission to run for reelection in the March presidential election, which he is almost certain to win, He addressed a gathering of senior military brass.

Our military is in control of the situation,” the Russian president declared. “We are successfully carrying out our desires and what we believe is necessary. We are strengthening our positions where necessary and adhering to active defenses where our commanders deem it necessary.

Vladimir declared, “The myth about the invulnerability of Western weapons also has collapsed.” “The enemy has suffered heavy casualties and to a large extent wasted its reserves while trying to show at least some results of its so-called counteroffensive to its masters,” he continued.

Vladimir stated, “The bravery and tenacity of our soldiers, the growing might of our armed forces, and the potential of our military industries shattered all attempts by the West to deliver us a military defeat, a strategic defeat.

The defense lines, which included extensive minefields, have prevented Ukrainian forces from making any notable progress during the counteroffensive that started in early June.

Russia's military
Russia’s military

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated during the same meeting that the country’s minefields spanned 7,000 kilometers, or more than 4,300 miles.

According to Shoigu, the Russian army is now “the best prepared and capable army in the world, armed with advanced weapons that have been tested in combat,” since 650,000 soldiers have gained combat experience in Ukraine.

We produce more high-tech weapons than NATO countries, despite the sanctions,” stated Shoigu.

Putin Announces Surge in Military Production Amidst Ukraine Operation

Since the beginning of what the Kremlin refers to as “the special military operation” in Ukraine, he claimed that the arms industries have increased the production of artillery munitions by 17.5 times, increased the number of drones built by 16.8 times, and increased the output of tanks by 5.6 times.

More than 2,500 armored infantry vehicles, 237 new aircraft and helicopters, and more than 1,500 newly upgraded tanks have been delivered to the military, according to Shoigu.

The minister stated that the Russian military was completing the arrangements to deploy the nuclear-armed Poseidon underwater drone and the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile, as well as putting the Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile on combat duty.

In addition to helping to organize military operations and provide training for troops, Shoigu accused military personnel from NATO member states of operating Ukraine’s air defense systems, tactical missile systems, and multiple rocket launchers. He didn’t offer any details to back up his assertion.

He praised the military’s performance but pointed out that more precision ammunition and drones need to be supplied, military communications need to be improved, and intelligence and counterartillery means need to be used more efficiently. He continued by saying that Russia must increase the capacity of its satellite assets.

 military threats and the emergence of new military-political risks
military threats and the emergence of new military-political risks

He said that “the changing character of military threats and the emergence of new military-political risks” has increased the significance of strengthening the nation’s nuclear forces.

Putin reiterated his long-standing claim that the reason he sent Russian troops into Ukraine was to counter the security risks to Russia that Western plans to join NATO posed. Moscow’s action has been condemned by Ukraine and its Western allies as an unprovoked act of aggression.

Vladimir declared, “The West isn’t giving up on its aggressive goals in Ukraine and its strategy of containing Russia.” “Well, we also won’t give up on the special military operation’s objectives.”

He said that while Russia is willing to negotiate a settlement to the conflict, “we won’t give up what is ours.”

Let them enter the talks if they want to talk,” stated Putin. However, we will act in our own best interests.

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