Ukraine-Russia war – live: Putin’s forces are afflicted with “mouse fever” as Kyiv repels a significant Russian drone attack.

Ukraine’s air force claims it shot down 34 out of 35 drones sent by Russian in a major overnight attack

President Zelensky announced that his military has requested an extra 500,000 soldiers, citing claims by Ukraine that Putin’s forces have been impacted by a pandemic.

Following an outbreak of “mouse fever,” the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine stated that Russian troops are being “mowed down” due to a lack of medical assistance.

People with the disease often have headaches, severe temperatures, vomiting multiple times a day, and eye bleeding.

They posted on Telegram, “A total lack of medical assistance and inadequate provision of winter items is causing dissatisfaction to grow in the units of the Russian occupation army.”

Thus, a number of Russian invasion units in the Kupyansk direction experienced an outbreak of the dreaded “mouse fever.”

It coincides with Mr. Zelensky’s announcement at a press conference that the military has requested the mobilization of an extra 450,000–500,000 people.

Mr. Zelensky remarked, “I said that I would need more arguments to support this move.” “Because it’s a people issue first and foremost, followed by a fairness issue, a defense capability issue, and a financial issue.”

He went on to say that 500 billion more hryvnias ($13.5 billion) would be needed for mobilization.

Ukraine Shoots Downs Dozens of Russian Drones

Shoots Downs Dozens
Shoots Downs Dozens

Today, the Ukrainian air force declared a major win, stating that 34 of the 35 drones that were released during an overnight attack on 12 different Ukrainian regions had been successfully intercepted and shot down. The attack, which involved Shahed drones manufactured in Iran, happened in several waves between about 8:00 p.m. and 3:30 a.m., the Ukrainian air force said in an official statement.

The deliberate use of these drones resulted in extended air alerts that affected many areas of central, southeast, and northern Ukraine. There is some relief for the affected communities because, despite the intensity of the drone onslaught, there have been no immediate reports of significant damage or casualties.

His air defense response was precise and effective, demonstrating the nation’s dedication to protecting its airspace and fending off outside threats. The vast majority of the drones were successfully intercepted, demonstrating the strength of air force and reaffirming the country’s readiness and resolve to protect its sovereignty.

The incident underscores the dynamic nature of contemporary warfare, where unmanned aerial vehicles play a crucial role, and underscores the need for nations to continuously modify their defense strategies in response to these emerging threats, even as tensions persist.

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