Russia launches anti-spy operation in Ukraine’s south, 1 killed

Tragedy Strikes as Russia Initiates Anti-Spy Operation in Ukraine's Southern Territory

On Friday, Russia launches an anti-spy operation in Ukraine’s south. One killed declared that, as part of an operation carried out inside the seized territory of Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhzhia region, it had killed an accused Ukrainian espionage agent and taken down two internet portals that were aiding Kyiv.

In an effort to quell pro-Ukrainian resistance in the area, Russia has claimed that it has prevented multiple attempts at purported sabotage since seizing control of significant parts of Ukraine in the previous year.

“As a result of a special operation in the territory of the Zaporizhzhia region, the Federal Security Service suppressed the activities of three large agent groups coordinated by Ukrainian intelligence,” the Federal Security Service said in a statement.

A person thought to be connected to Ukrainian intelligence was shot and killed in a gunfight during the raid, according to the FSB, but no more details were provided.

Regarding the claim, authorities in Melitopol, a Russian-run city, detained those in charge of a chat room that supports Ukraine and a media outlet.

The administration reportedly persuaded the locals to gather information about the “whereabouts and activities of Russian military personnel” and that they were also encouraging “hostile sentiments towards Russia in the area.”

The functioning of the information resources was discontinued,” the FSB said.

AFP did not immediately corroborate the Federal Security Service’s account of the events.

The organization regularly claims to have stopped plots for acts of terrorism or sabotage and routinely apprehends people it believes are collaborating with Ukrainian security authorities.

In another case, the FSB declared on Thursday that it had removed a guy of Ukrainian descent who was believed to be planning to blow up a military recruiting center inside Russian territory.

Russia launches anti-spy operation in Ukraine's south, 1 killed
Russia launches anti-spy operation in Ukraine’s south, 1 killed

On Friday, Moscow-established authorities also revealed the details of an unsuccessful effort to kill a former Ukrainian lawmaker who was well-known for his pro-Russian views.

Spy operation in Ukraine's
Spy operation in Ukraine’s

Oleg Tsaryov, a rebel whom Moscow supported against Kyiv and a former member of parliament, suffered critical injuries on Friday night in a late-night shooting in the resort town where he resides.


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