Russian Oligarch Chalets Seized in Money Laundering Investigation

Russian oligarch chalets seized in a money laundering investigation. Journey through the world of wealth, power, and legal scrutiny in these remarkable properties

A number of real estate assets owned by Russian oligarch Chalets Seized have been confiscated in Savoie and Haute-Savoie as part of initial probes into money laundering. Numerous sources have verified this information, which is consistent with the specifics covered by Le Monde newspaper on October 24.

French authorities have recently confiscated assets worth a combined 59 million euros from two Russian oligarch Chalets seized as part of two separate money laundering investigations conducted in Paris. On Tuesday, October 24, confirmed sources agreed with the details The World had previously reported.

Money Laundering Investigation
Money Laundering Investigation
Money Laundering
Money Laundering

According to AFP, the Paris prosecutor’s office requested a preliminary investigation by the National Authority for Combating Organized Financial Crime (Junalco), which is looking into the circumstances surrounding the purchase of numerous real estate properties owned by Alexander Pumpyansky.

One of the real estate assets includes a chalet in Haute-Savoie, but there is no specific information about its whereabouts. “Through orders dated June 30 and notified on July 3,” the legal system has taken control of “ownership stakes in businesses and outstanding debts connected to two vineyards, one in Hérault and another in Jura, along with multiple parcels of land and real estate properties, including a chalet in Haute-Savoie, with a preliminary estimated total value of approximately 35 million euros.” Despite attempts to reach out, Alexander Pumpyansky’s attorney did not respond to the AFP’s inquiries.

A separate inquiry initiated in 2022 is focused on the funding of a lavish chalet named Apopka, located in the upscale Courchevel resort in Savoie and owned by Russian entrepreneur Nikolaï Sarkisov. Sarkisov is currently embroiled in a dispute with his former Corsican associate regarding this venture.

“A property in Courchevel” of a “estimated value of 24 million euros”was seized “by order of September 25”indicated the prosecution. “All these allegations are baseless and absurd”Nikolai Sarkisov’s lawyer, Me Antonin Lévy, told AFP. “The seizure, which is a precautionary measure, was carried out without any questions being asked beforehand of Mr. Sarkisov” And “is the subject of an appeal”continued Me Lévy.

“Regarding the alleged opacity, no less than eight court decisions in France (including four appeal court judgments) have already ruled in favor of Mr. Sarkisov, declaring his real estate transactions fully legal”he added.

The attorney emphasized that for approximately fifteen years, Nikolai Sarkisov and his family were significant collaborators with Axa, a prominent European insurance company, as part of a significant insurance partnership while residing in Dubai.

 Nikolai Sarkisov
Nikolai Sarkisov

He explained that the “main source of wealth for the family” stemmed from a “public transaction” with Axa. At the beginning of September, the first information on suspicions of money laundering already concerned Nikolai Sarkisov. The financial arrangements around several real estate properties, particularly in connection with billionaire Bernard Arnault, were already of interest to investigators.


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