Russian Oligarchs Campaign Against Progressive Values in Europe

In recent times, Europe has become the battleground for a coalition comprising Evangelical Christians, far-right politicians, and Russian oligarchs Campaign. This alliance is committed to reversing progressive values, encompassing the rollback of women’s abortion rights, the challenge to LGBTQ equality, and the defense of traditional Christian orthodoxies.

These groups are being funded by millions of Euros, rubles, and dollars from various sources to fuel their moral crusade. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate facets of this phenomenon, revealing its implications and the forces at play.

Poland’s Struggle: Abortion Laws and Women’s Rights

Poland’s strict abortion laws have made headlines globally, causing activists like Justina to face imprisonment for providing safe abortion assistance to women in need. This situation sheds light on the stark consequences of restrictive abortion policies and the challenges faced by those advocating for women’s reproductive rights.

Russian Oligarchs Campaign
Russian Oligarchs Campaign

The conservative legal foundation, Aldo Euras, finds itself in the crosshairs of criticism for its role in attacking women’s rights. Moreover, it is accused of extending its mission to Ukrainian refugees, further intensifying the debate surrounding restrictive abortion laws.

Flow of Funding: Over 700 Million Dollars Invested

Surprisingly, over the past decade, over 700 million dollars have been invested in European organizations that oppose progressive values. This substantial financial influx is a testament to the seriousness of this movement and its capacity to influence policies and public opinion.

Right-Wing and Anti-Abortion Groups Unite

Right-wing and anti-abortion groups from various European nations attended a crucial conference where they shared strategies for advancing their campaign against progressive values. This gathering served as a critical juncture where strategies were devised to undermine human rights concerning sexual and reproductive rights as well as LGBTQ issues.

Foreign Influence: Funding Conservative Organisations in Europe

The United States has played a significant role in funding conservative organizations in Europe. Over a 10-year period, a staggering amount, including $80 million from the United States, was channeled to organizations specializing in litigation related to abortion, religious freedom, LGBT rights, and children’s rights. One such organisation, the Alliance Defending Freedom International, received substantial support from its U.S. counterpart.

Conservative faith-based legal foundations in Europe, like the Alliance Defending Freedom and the European Centre for Law and Justice, have actively uutilisedlitigation to promote their values. This not only has legal implications but also plays a pivotal role in raising funds locally.

LGBTQ activists find themselves under legal scrutiny and facing the threat of legal action and financial penalties. This unsettling development is in response to their efforts to publish an online map that exposes discrimination against LGBTQ individuals in local municipalities. The support of the organization, Order Uris, further complicates the situation.

The Pietroscarga Institute, aligned with tradition, family, and property networks, has received significant funding to promote traditional values and oppose LGBTQ equality in EU countries. Over a decade, an estimated total expenditure of $113 million was directed towards this cause, with an additional $188 million raised in the Russian Federation and allocated to conservative moral initiatives in Western Europe.

Pro-Life and Anti-LGBT Activities Funded by Russian Oligarchs Campaign

Two Russian oligarchs, Vladimir Yakunin and Constantine Malofeev, have been actively funding pro-life and anti-LGBT activities in Europe through their foundations. Their goal is to establish a connection between Europe’s moral crusaders and pro-Kremlin oligarchs.

Russia has positioned itself as a defender of traditional values, garnering support from influential leaders and participating in the World Congress of Families. Despite the cancellation of the World Congress in Moscow following the Russian invasion of Crimea, the conference took place with many of the same participants. It emphasized the need for strength and victory against what it deemed Western degeneration, echoing sentiments found in Vladimir Putin’s powerful speech.

CitizenGo, a social media platform founded by the Congress of Families, has emerged as a significant player in this narrative. It serves as a platform for promoting petitions in defense of shared values. However, CitizenGo has not been immune to controversy. An agreement was initially drafted with Russian oligarch Constantine Malofiev’s foundation, raising questions about its funding sources and connections. Although Malofia’s Foundation offered substantial financial support, no transaction materialized. Despite these questions, CitizenGo denies receiving money from Russian oligarchs or Putin’s regime.

Conclusion: Protecting Progressive Values in Europe

Europe finds itself at a critical crossroads, with a coalition of diverse actors determined to roll back progressive values. The battle encompasses women’s abortion rights, LGBTQ equality, and traditional Christian orthodoxies. With substantial funding and strategic planning, these forces have the potential to reshape Europe’s sociopolitical landscape. It is imperative for Europe to protect its progressive values, acknowledging the seriousness of the organizations opposing women’s rights. The battle for these values has already begun, and it demands attention and action.

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