Russia Ukraine War

Highlighting the Russo Ukrainian war: A recap of significant events, unfolding over 607 days

Russo Ukrainian war

Military Update:

Here is a map of all Ukraine’s 2023 drone strikes on Russian targets. The skies above Russia have become a battleground as Ukraine’s drone warfare takes center stage.
Here’s a map displaying all of Ukraine’s drone strikes on Russian targets in 2023. The airspace over Russia has evolved into a key battleground with Ukraine’s drone warfare prominently featured.

General Staff Report:

  • Ukrainian forces successfully repelled Russian attacks in seven frontline sections.
  • Within the past 24 hours, there were 38 skirmishes between Ukrainian defenders and invading Russian troops along the frontline.

Frontline Situation:

  • Ukraine lost positions on Terrikon, a mountain south of Avdiivka.
  • In response, Ukrainian forces conducted a counterattack from the south toward Pisky.
  • Currently, Ukrainian forces have advanced toward fortifications located beneath a bridge.

Aerial Attacks:

  • Russia launched 14 drones and one guided missile during the recent attacks, resulting in one injury.
  • These attacks also inflicted damage on one of DTEK’s thermal power plants and the port infrastructure.

New Tactics:

  • Russia has introduced guided air bombs, increasing the complexity of their missile and drone attacks.
  • This marks the first documented instance of this advanced approach aimed at overwhelming air defenses.

As of October 23, 2023, the approximate losses of weapons and military equipment sustained by the Russian Armed Forces from the beginning of the invasion to the present day are as follows:

Personnel: 294700 (+870)
Tanks: 5093 (+12)
APV: 9653 (+22)
Artillery systems: 7057 (+25)
MLRS: 825
Anti-aircraft systems: 551 (+2)
Aircraft: 320
Helicopters: 324
UAV: 5345 (+6)
Cruise missiles : 1536 (+1)
Warships/boats: 20
Submarines: 1
Vehicles and fuel tanks: 9419 (+15)

Russo Ukrainian War Update:

  • British intelligence reports a planned 68% increase in Russia’s military spending for 2024. This shift underscores Russia’s commitment to bolstering its military, while healthcare and education funding face cuts, exerting added financial strain on Russian businesses.

International Support for Ukraine:

  • Finland extends support to Ukraine by providing rescue vehicles, making up approximately 20% of all assistance delivered to Ukraine through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism, as confirmed by Finland’s Interior Minister.
  • Japan pledges support to Ukraine’s energy system, offering transformers and solar panels. Ando Naoki, Vice President of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency, reaffirms Japan’s ongoing commitment to Ukraine’s energy sector and announces an upcoming aid shipment in the coming months.
  • Despite Ukraine’s recent removal of the Hungarian OTP Bank from its list of war sponsors, Hungary persists in blocking a 500 million euro EU military aid package for Ukraine.

Financial Aid for Ukraine:

  • Ukraine receives 1.5 billion euros in the ninth tranche of EU aid, bringing the total EU budget support for Ukraine in 2023 to 15 billion euros.
    Global Public Opinion:
  • In a global poll, support for Ukraine remains impressively high at 70%. Portugal boasts the highest support at 86%, while Mexico records the lowest at 46%. This poll covers 30 countries.

Recent Developments:

  • Spanish law enforcement discovered stolen Ukrainian artifacts valued at over $63 million. Joint efforts by Spanish and Ukrainian police led to the arrest of three Spaniards and two Ukrainians who were planning to sell 11 pieces of Scythian gold in Madrid.
  • The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has approved over $380 million to enhance Ukraine’s economy, healthcare, and trade. This includes a $250 million allocation to support Ukrainian poultry producers and grain growers in mitigating the impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine

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Highlighting the Ukraine Crisis with Russia: Key Events and Complex Dynamics: A recap of significant events, unfolding over 611 days


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