Sanctioned Oligarch Fridman Pursues Legal Channels to Fund Driver and Mansion

Oligarch Fridman's Struggle: Navigating Legal Avenues to Finance Driver and Mansion Amid Sanctions

On Tuesday, Sanctioned Oligarch Fridman, who has been subjected to sanctions, contested the UK High Court’s decisions that denied him permission to cover expenses related to his chauffeur and residence in London.

Mikhail Fridman Russian Oligarch
Mikhail Fridman Russian Oligarch

The 59-year-old billionaire from Russia and Israel, residing in London, initiated legal proceedings following the UK’s Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (Ofsi) denial to approve monthly disbursements of £30,000 ($37,000) for the upkeep of his Athlone House residence.

Ofsi declined the businessman’s plea for permission to compensate a chauffeur and employees at the Victorian estate in Highgate, located in North London, which is valued at approximately £65 million.

Sanctioned  Oligarch Fridman
Sanctioned Oligarch Fridman

Sanctioned oligarch Fridman possessions are under sanctions from both Europe and Britain, and they were halted when Russia initiated its conflict with Ukraine.

Since that time, he has contested his alleged connection to the Russian government and initiated multiple legal actions against the imposed sanctions.

Sanctioned Oligarch
Sanctioned Oligarch

Sanctioned Oligarch Fridman’s legal representatives contended during Tuesday’s hearing that the most recent denials were unlawful.

“A property of the size, age and cultural significance of Athlone House requires considerable maintenance to prevent dilapidation,” his lawyer, Rachel Barnes, said in written arguments.

She mentioned that the oligarch also requires a driver for “security reasons.”
Ofsi denied the request, stating that he had the “capability to use public transportation.”

Athlone House
Athlone House

The office in charge of approving payments for the home’s security said that certain requests from Sanctioned Oligarch Fridman to stop him from living his “pre-designation lifestyle” were turned down.
Fridman amassed his wealth in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s dissolution and currently possesses a diversified business conglomerate that includes interests in hydrocarbons, banking, telecommunications, and distribution
In August, London’s High Court dismissed billionaire Eugene Shvidler’s appeal, who is a close associate of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, seeking to overturn sanctions imposed on him.

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