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Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev 2022

Nikolay Tokarev Faces Sanctions in 2022 – What You Need to Know

Nikolay Petrovich Tokarev AKA Nikolay Tokarev (Russian: Николай Петрович Токарев; 20 December 1950 in Karaganda, Kazakh SSR) is a Russian businessman and oligarch. He is the president of the Russian pipeline company Transneft. Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev are imposed by various countries in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev are imposed by countries Canada, United States, United Kingdom , European Union, Monaco, Switzerland, Australia and Japan. in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Canada Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev On 24 Feb 2022

Canada Sanctions

On February 24, 2022 ,31 individuals were identified as key members of President Putin’s inner circle, close contacts and family members of some individuals already sanctioned by Canada. These individuals were sanctioned in order to put further pressure on Russia’s leadership. It included Nikolay Tokarev.

  1. Yevgeny Viktorovich PRIGOZHIN
  2. Lyubov Valentinova PRIGOZHINA
  3. Polina Evgenievna PRIGOZHINA
  4. Pavel Evgenyevich PRIGOZHIN
  5. Kirill Alexandrovich DMITRIEV
  6. Andrey Sergeevich PUCHKOV
  7. Yuri Alekseyevich SOLOVYOV
  8. Herman Oskarovich GREF
  9. Aleksandr Aleksandrovich VEDYAKHIN
  10. Lev Aronovich KHASIS
  11. Ivan Igorevich SECHIN
  12. Andrey Nikolaevich PATRUSHEV
  13. Sergei Sergeivich IVANOV
  14. Denis Aleksandrovich BORTNIKOV
  15. Vladimir KIRIYENKO
  16. Liliya Arkadyevna ROTENBERG
  17. Pavel Arkadyevich ROTENBERG
  18. Boris Borisovich ROTENBERG
  19. Roman Borisovich ROTENBERG
  20. Nikolai Petrovich TOKAREV
  21. Dmitriy UTKIN
  22. Karina ROTENBERG
  23. Stanislav Sergeevich CHEMEZOV
  24. Ekaterina Sergeevna IGNATOVA
  25. Anastasiya Mikhailovna IGNATOVA
  26. Galina TOKAREVA
  27. Maya Nikolaevna BOLOTOVA
  28. Galina ULYUTINA
  29. Igor SHUVALOV
  30. Petr Mikhailovich FRADKOV
  31. Yury Borisovich SLYUSAR

European Union Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev On 28 Feb 2022

European Union Sanctions

On 24 February 2022, the High Representative issued a declaration on behalf of the Union condemning in the strongest possible terms the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by armed forces of the Russian Federation and the involvement of Belarus in this aggression against Ukraine. The High Representative indicated that the Union’s response will include both sectoral and individual restrictive measures.

On 28.2.2022 ,the following persons and entities are added to the list of natural and legal persons, entities and bodies set out in Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 269/2014:

” Nikolay Tokarev is CEO of Transneft, major Russian oil and gas company. He is Vladimir Putin’s longtime acquaintance and close associate. He served together with Putin in the KGB in 1980s. Mr Tokarev is one of the Russian state oligarchs who assumed control over large state assets in the 2000s as President Putin consolidated power, and who operate in close partnership with the Russian state. Mr Tokarev has been in charge of Transneft, one of Russia’s most important government-controlled companies, which transports considerable amount of Russian oil through a well-developed oil pipelines network.

Nikolay Tokarev’s Transneft is one of the main sponsors of the palace complex near Gelendzhik which is widely considered to be personally used by President Putin. He benefits from his proximity to the Russian authorities. Close relatives and acquaintances of Mr Tokarev enriched themselves thanks to contracts signed with the state-owned companies.

Therefore he actively supported materially or financially and benefited from Russian decision-makers responsible for the annexation of Crimea and the destabilisation of Ukraine “

United States Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev On Mar 3, 2022

United States Sanctions

United States and its Partners and Allies Continue Campaign Against Putin’s Affiliates in Response to the Premeditated and Unprovoked Invasion of Ukraine. Treasury to Share Financial Intelligence About Sanctioned Oligarchs with Department of Justice as Part of Effort to Freeze and Seize Assets

Nikolay Petrovich Tokarev (Tokarev) is a long-time Putin associate who served with Putin in the Soviet Union’s Committee for State Security (KGB) as agents in Dresden, East Germany, in the 1980s. Tokarev is also the president of one of Russia’s most important companies, Transneft, a state-owned pipeline company that is responsible for transporting 90 percent of oil extracted in Russia. As the president of Transneft, Tokarev has enriched himself and his family, amassing a business and real estate empire extending throughout Russia and into Europe. Before his time as Transneft’s president, Tokarev worked in the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation and was awarded numerous titles, orders, and honorary certificates for his service.

Tokarev’s family members, including his wife Galina Alekseyevna Tokareva (Galina) and daughter Maiya Nikolaevna Tokareva (Maiya), have benefited from his proximity to Putin and the GoR. Maiya Tokareva’s real estate empire has been valued at more than $50 million in Moscow, Russia alone and includes at least three companies: Moscow-based Limited Liability Company Ostozhenka 19 (Ostozhenka 19) and Zagreb, Croatia-based Katina Drustvo s Ogranicenom Odgovornoscu za Nekretnine I Ugostiteljstvo (Katina) and T.G.A. D.O.O. za Trgovinu I Usluge (TGA). Katina owns prime oceanfront real estate on a Croatian island that includes a villa built by the 19th century Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I.

Tokarev is being designated pursuant to E.O. 14024 and the RuHSR for being or having been a leader, official, senior executive officer, or member of the board of directors of the GoR. Galina and Maiya are being designated pursuant to E.O. 14024 and the RuHSR for being the spouse or adult child of Tokarev, a person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to E.O. 14024.

Ostozhenka 19, Katina, and TGA are being designated pursuant to E.O. 14024 and the RuHSR for being owned or controlled by, or for having acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, Maiya, a person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to E.O. 14024. The EU and Canada have also sanctioned Tokarev, and Canada additionally designated Galina and Maiya.

Transneft is subject to debt and equity prohibitions pursuant to Directive 2 under E.O. 13662 and Directive 3 under E.O. 14024.

UK Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev On 10 Mar 2022

On 10 March 2022 ,the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office updated the UK Sanctions List on GOV.UK. This list provides details of Nikolay Tokarev designated under regulations made under the Sanctions Act. A link to the UK Sanctions List can be found below.

Nikolai TOKAREV, hereafter TOKAREV, is a prominent Russian businessman with significant interests in the
extractives and energy industries, as well as a long standing associate of Vladimir Putin. He is currently President of Transneft – a state enterprise that provides services for oil and oil products transportation within Russia and beyond. Transneft is a Government of Russia affiliated entity which carries on business in sectors of strategic significance to the Government of Russia. TOKAREV is working as a director (whether executive or non-executive), trustee, or equivalent of Transneft, and is therefore a person who is or has been involved in obtaining a benefit from or supporting the Government of Russia.

Monaco Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev On 1 Mar, 2022

The Principality of Monaco imposed sanctions on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine on 1 March 2022.

“In accordance with its international commitments, the Principality has adopted and implemented, without delay, procedures for freezing funds and economic sanctions identical to those taken by most European States”, the statement said.

Monaco isn’t a member of the European Union, which has introduced sweeping sanctions against Moscow. It follows Switzerland, which isn’t part of the EU either, in announcing that it would apply sanctions similar to the bloc.

The statement from the Royal Palace said that Prince Albert of Monaco strongly condemned the invasion of Ukraine and expressed his full solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Switzerland Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev On 8 Mar, 2022

The Swiss Federal Council implemented a complete revision of the Ordinance on Measures connected with the Situation in Ukraine, thereby adopting further packages of European Union sanctions against Russia. These new Switzerland’s measures will align with those imposed by the EU. Going forwards, the Federal Council decided to adopt further EU sanctions measures against Russia depending on any new developments.

Australia Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev On 14 March 2022

The Australian Government on 14 March 2022 announced fresh sanctions on 33 Russian oligarchs, prominent business people and their immediate family members.

The sanctions announced reinforce Australia’s commitment to sanction those people who have amassed vast personal wealth and are of economic and strategic significance to Russia, including as a result of their connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They include Roman Abramovich, Chelsea Football Club owner, Alexey Miller the CEO of Gazprom, Dmitri Lebedev Chairman of Rossiya, Sergey Chemezov Chair of Rostec, Nikolay Tokarev CEO of Transneft, Igor Shuvalov Chairman Vnesheconombank (VEB

Japan Sanctions Against Nikolay Tokarev On 12 April 2022

Japan announced a 3-part package of measures which includes:

  • Travel bans and asset freezes on DNR and LNR officials;
  • an import/export ban of goods from the areas; and
  • a ban on the issuance and trading of new Russian sovereign bonds in Japan.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has announced the second round of Russia sanctions which includes:

  • Additional sanctions (travel bans and assets freezes) on people and entities (Sanctions List);
  • an asset freeze on Russian financial institutions VEB, Promsvyazbank and Bank Rossiya (Report), VTB; Sovcombank, Novikombank and Otrkitie; and
  • export controls in respect to Russian military organisations and on goods such as semiconductors.

The Japanese government will freeze the assets of the designated individuals/entities and it will require a license for any payments to the designated persons/ entities and capital transactions with the designated persons/entities. The sanctions against the four designated banks (VTB Bank, Sovcombank, Novikombank and Otkritie) will come into effect on 2 April 2022.

On 12 April 2022 the Japanese government introduced further sanctions against Russia, designating an additional 398 individuals and 28 entities related to the Russian Federation and subjected them to the following sanctions:

  • Restrictions on payments
  • Restrictions on capital transactions, including deposits, trusts, and loan contracts, etc.
  • Asset freezes against the two newly designated Russian banks (Sberbank and Alfa-bank) will go into effect on 12 May 2022.

The list of newly designated persons/ entities is available here.

Japan announced a ban from 17 June 2022 on the export to Russia of certain goods that support industrial infrastructure, including wood and wood products, machinery and electrical equipment components, trains, bulldozers and trucks. Please see text of the AmendmentNoticeNews Release & FAQs. Japan has also imposed asset freezes on Credit Bank of Moscow, Russian Agricultural Bank and Belinvestbank (Belarusian Bank for Development and Reconstruction)Notice & Notice.

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