Sanctions Against Oligarchs

UK Sanctions Imposed On Elite Zarakh Binsionovich Iliev [ Sept 2022 ]

Sanctions Imposed On Zarakh Iliev

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ,on 27 September 2022, real estate mogul , Zarakh Binsionovich Iliev (Zarakh Iliev) was subjected to UK sanctions.

In total, the UK has sanctioned over 1,200 individuals and over 120 entities, including over 120 oligarchs with an estimated combined global net worth of over £130  billion.

UK Sanctions Zarakh Binsionovich Iliev

The Foreign Secretary has on 26 September 2022 announced 92 sanctions in response to the Russian regime imposing sham referendums in 4 regions of Ukraine – a clear violation of international law, including the UN charter.

4 individuals, oligarchs and high net-worth individuals alike, with a combined global net worth estimated at £6.3 billion, have been sanctioned for supporting or obtaining benefit from the Government of Russia and operating in sectors of strategic significance. These include:

  • God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev: known as the ‘Kings of Russian real estate’, and with a joint global net worth of £2 billion, the pair own and control the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group, a major construction company operating across Russia.

Asset freeze

An asset freeze prevents any UK citizen, or any business in the UK, from dealing with any funds or economic resources which are owned, held or controlled by the designated person. UK financial sanctions apply to all persons within the territory and territorial sea of the UK and to all UK persons, wherever they are in the world. It also prevents funds or economic resources being provided to or for the benefit of the designated person.

Travel ban

A travel ban means that the designated person must be refused leave to enter or to remain in the United Kingdom, providing the individual is an excluded person under section 8B of the Immigration Act 1971.

Transport sanctions

Recently introduced powers make it a criminal offence for any Russian aircraft to fly or land in the UK and give the government powers to remove aircraft belonging to designated Russian individuals and entities from the UK aircraft register, even if the sanctioned individual is not on board. Russian ships are also banned from UK ports.

19/09/2023 Financial Sanctions Notice Amedments

The following entries have been corrected to remove reference to transport sanctions.
Transport sanctions still apply to these entries as provided on the UK Sanctions List. These
entries remain subject to an asset freeze and trust services sanctions:

  • Zarakh Binsionovich ILIEV (Group ID: 15589)
  • Igor Viktorovich MAKAROV (Group ID: 15586)
  • Iskander Kakhramonovich MAKHMUDOV (Group ID: 15587)

Deleted information appears in strikethrough. Additional information appears in italics and
is underlined.

  1. Zarakh Binsionovich ILIEV,
    Name (non-Latin script): ИЛИЕВ Зарах Бинсионович
    DOB: 08/09/1966. POB: Azerbaijan Other Information: (UK Sanctions List Ref):RUS1645.
    Financial sanctions imposed in addition to an asset freeze: Trust services. Date trust
    services sanctions imposed: 21/03/2023. Transport sanction: where transport sanctions
    apply, a ship owned, controlled, chartered or operated by a designated person is
    prohibited from entering a port in the UK, may be given a movement or a port entry
    direction, can be detained, and will be refused permission to register on the UK Ship
    Register or have its existing registration terminated. Similarly, an aircraft owned,
    chartered or operated by a designated person is prohibited from overflying or landing
    in the UK, may be given a movement direction, can be detained or moved to a specified
    airport, and will be refused permission to register on the CAA Aircraft Register or have
    its existing registration terminated. (UK Statement of Reasons):Zarakh Binsionovich ILIEV
    (hereafter ILIEV) is an involved person under the Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations
    2019 on the basis of the following grounds: (1) ILIEV is associated with God NISANOV
    who is an involved person as defined in the regulations. (2) ILIEV is and has been involved
    in obtaining a benefit from or supporting the Government of Russia by owning or
    controlling directly or indirectly Kievskaya Ploshchad, which is carrying on business in
    sectors of strategic significance to the Government of Russia, namely the Russian
    construction and transport sectors. (Gender):Male Listed on: 26/09/2022 UK Sanctions
    List Date Designated: 26/09/2022 Last Updated: 21/03/2023 19/09/2023 Group ID:

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