Sanctions Against Oligarchs

Hunter Biden linked Russian Oligarchs spared in latest US Sanctions of 2024

As President Biden unveiled his latest round of sanctions targeting various individuals with ties to Vladimir Putin on Friday, it was revealed that two Russian billionaire associates of Hunter Biden were once again not included in the list. Despite sanctions being imposed on around 500 Russian oligarchs, companies, and individuals evading sanctions through third countries, real estate developer Yelena Baturina and Vladimir Yevtushenkov were not among them.

Hunter Biden linked Oligarchs Yelena Baturina and Vladimir Yevtushenkov

The exclusions have drawn the focus of House Republicans spearheading an impeachment inquiry into the president’s connections to his family’s overseas business engagements. Baturina, the widow of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, amassed her $1.3 billion wealth from real estate ventures and investments. She was known to have dined with Hunter Biden and then-Vice President Joe Biden on at least one occasion at DC’s Café Milano.

In circumstances that are still ambiguous, she transferred $3.5 million to a company overseen by Hunter and his associate Devon Archer in February 2014.

In July, Archer informed Congress that he was uncertain about the purpose behind the transfer, although bank records indicate that over $2.75 million of the sum was moved to another corporate entity, which Archer claimed he and Hunter Biden jointly possessed.

During his testimony, Archer revealed that Baturina had independently invested nearly $120 million in his company, Rosemont Realty, in which Hunter Biden also briefly participated.

Archer also disclosed to Congress that Baturina was present at a dinner with then-Vice President Biden and Hunter’s associates from Kazakhstan in spring 2014, held at Café Milano.

An eyewitness disclosed to The Post that Baturina purportedly joined an April 2015 dinner at the same establishment with Joe and Hunter Biden, along with the latter’s associates from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, further corroborating details from emails retrieved from Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

Records from Hunter’s laptop indicate that he met with Yevtushenkov on at least two occasions.

Yevtushenkov’s extensive business conglomerate, Sistema, boasts ownership of Russia’s largest cellphone provider, MTS, and previously held stakes in Russian aerospace and defense companies such as RTI and Kronstadt until 2022.

With an estimated net worth of around $1.7 billion, Yevtushenkov took measures in 2022 to reduce his stake in Sistema to 49.2%, ostensibly in response to sanctions imposed by the UK, by transferring 10% of the company to his son, Feliz.

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