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Sergei Gordeev: Biography of Former CEO of PIK Group

Early Years and Education

Sergei Gordeev was born on November 22, 1972, in Moscow, Russia. Limited information is available about his early life, but he pursued higher education at the Academy of Management in Tolyatti, focusing on Finance and Credit. During this time, he served as a vice-rector in the department of professional retraining.

Early Career in Real Estate

Life of Sergei Gordeev
Life of Sergei Gordeev

In 1994, Gordeev embarked on his professional journey, joining the small company Freya. Within a year, he became the deputy general director at Virtus, a company specializing in investments and real estate. In 1995, he founded Rosbuilding, a real estate enterprise where he honed his skills in real estate transactions and investments. By the late 1990s, Rosbuilding gained popularity in the market, involving what some described as raider activities, including absorbing large Moscow department stores and industrial enterprises. The company was later liquidated in 2006.

Details of Rosbuilding

Rosbuilding was a company founded by Sergei Gordeev in 1995 that focused on the repurposing and restructuring of industrial enterprises, construction sites, retail venues, and department stores. In 2006, Rosbuilding’s shareholders agreed to close down the company and terminate its business activities. Rosbuilding’s shareholders agreed to disband and liquidate the company.

PIK and Entrepreneurial Success

In 2013, Sergei Gordeev, along with Alexander Mamut, acquired a controlling stake in the development company PIK. By 2014, Gordeev assumed the role of CEO and Chairman of the management board, eventually becoming the controlling shareholder with almost 60% of the company’s shares by 2020. The PIK Group of Companies, under Gordeev’s leadership, achieved significant milestones, including commissioning 3.04 million sq. of real estate in 2021.

Overview of PIK Group

PIK Group
PIK Group

PIK Group, based in Moscow, has been a prominent player in real estate development since 1994. It’s the largest housing developer in Russia and Europe, specializing in comfort-class housing, primarily in industrial construction.

With a commitment to excellence, PIK has built over 30 million square meters, providing homes for 2 million individuals. Operating in 15 Russian regions, with a focus on Moscow, PIK is involved in real estate development, investment, and sales, contributing to the industry’s dynamic landscape.

As a publicly traded company, PIK Group values its 10,001+ team members who play pivotal roles. Not just known for numbers, PIK is recognized for its role in large-scale public housing projects, shaping the real estate future in Russia and beyond.

Political Involvement

Sergei Gordeev entered the political arena in 2005 when he became a member of the Federation Council chamber of the Russian Parliament. He represented the UST-Orda Buryat Autonomous Drugs and later the Perm Region until December 2010. During his political tenure, he focused on cultural initiatives, including master plans for city reconstruction, road junction projects, and the development of museums and public spaces.

Cultural Philanthropy

In 2006, Sergei Gordeev established the Russian Avant-Garde Charitable Foundation, dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the Russian avant-garde. The foundation, funded entirely by Gordeev, has published over 80 books on the history of Soviet architecture. Gordeev’s commitment to cultural preservation is evident in his restoration projects, including the Melnikov House and the Narkomfin building.

Russian Avant-Garde Charitable Foundation

Charitable Foundation
Charitable Foundation

The Russian Avant-Garde Art Research Project (AARP) is a charitable organization that operates solely on donations.

From roughly 1890 to 1930, the Russian avant-garde was a significant wave of avant-garde modern art that flourished in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

This art movement is being researched and preserved by AARP.

Theatre and Cultural Contributions

In 2005, Gordeev opened the Theater Arts Studio (STI), housed in the restored building of the Alekseev factory. As the founder, he financed the entire project, showcasing his dedication to the arts. The theatre, led by director S. V. Zhenovach, has grown in popularity, winning the Stanislavsky Prize in 2020.

Business Ventures Beyond Construction

Business Ventures and the Growth of Sergei Gordeev
Business ventures and growth of Sergei Gordeev

Apart from his involvement in PIK, Sergei Gordeev extended his interest in commercial real estate through Plaza BV, which includes the Mall Management Group. His architectural pursuits go beyond business, as he actively engages in urban planning, graphic design, and cinema. Gordeev is known for personally designing his country house with a garden near London.

Innovative Housing and Investments

Gordeev’s passion for innovative housing led him to invest in startups like Hyperloop One, a high-speed travel venture. He actively participated in the initial investment phase, aligning with his interest in architecture and cutting-edge technologies.


YearEvent Description
1972Sergei Gordeev was born on November 22 in Moscow, Russia.
1994Gordeev joined the company Freya.
1995He became the deputy general director at Virtus.
1995Gordeev founded Rosbuilding, a real estate enterprise.
2006Rosbuilding, involved in various real estate activities, was liquidated.
2013Gordeev, along with Alexander Mamut, acquired a controlling stake in PIK.
2014Gordeev became CEO and Chairman of the management board at PIK.
2020Gordeev became the controlling shareholder of PIK with almost 60% of shares.
2021PIK Group, under Gordeev’s leadership, commissioned 3.04 million sq. of real estate.
2005Gordeev entered politics, becoming a member of the Federation Council in the Russian Parliament.
2010Gordeev concluded his political tenure, focusing on cultural initiatives during his term.
2006Gordeev concluded his political tenure by focusing on cultural initiatives during his term.
2005Gordeev opened the Theater Arts Studio (STI), contributing to the arts and winning the Stanislavsky Prize in 2020.
2023Ongoing involvement in PIK, cultural philanthropy, and various ventures beyond construction.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Sergei Gordeev has kept his personal life private, and as of the available information, he hasn’t started a family. His hobbies are closely tied to his professional pursuits, including innovative housing development, urban planning, graphic design, and cinema.

Net Worth of Sergei Gordeev

YearNet Worth (in billions)
20171.5 Billion
20181.7 Billion
20191.8 Billion
20201.6 Billion
20213.8 Billion
20221.6 Billion
20233.1 Billion


There are several controversies surrounding Sergei Gordeev, a Russian billionaire businessman and the main shareholder and former CEO of PIK Group, a Russian real estate firm. Some of the controversies surrounding Sergei Gordeev include:

  1. Political career: Gordeev was a member of the Federation Council chamber of the Russian Parliament from 2005 to 2010, representing the UST-Orda Buryat Autonomous Okrug and then the Perm Region. In 2010, he announced that he was ending his political career to focus on his business interests.
  2. PIK Group’s financial performance: PIK has not published financial results for any of the periods in 2022. The company has faced issues with corporate governance and strategic development, which Gordeev mentioned when he resigned as CEO.
  3. Bankruptcy: Some sources suggest that PIK Corporation, under Gordeev’s leadership, has been getting rid of its subsidiaries, leading to concerns about the company’s financial health and potential bankruptcy.
  4. Political favouritism: According to rumours, the governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyov, favoured Gordeev at the behest of Moscow Mayor Sergei.

Despite these controversies, Gordeev has also been involved in philanthropy, creating the Russian Avant-garde non-profit foundation in 2006, dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the Russian avant-garde and publishing books on the subject.


Sergei Gordeev is a politically exposed person and is subject to sanctions due to his multiple contributions to the Russian government and economy. The revenue was eventually used in the destabilization of Ukraine, a war currently going on.


Sergei Gordeev‘s journey from an early career in real estate to becoming a key figure in Russia’s construction industry reflects his dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. His contributions extend beyond business, encompassing cultural preservation, philanthropy, and investments in cutting-edge technologies. Gordeev’s diverse interests underscore his commitment to shaping Russia’s cultural and architectural landscape.

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