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Alexander Udodov: Bold Biography of Aforra Group Founder

Early Life and Education

Alexander Udodov, a prominent Russian entrepreneur, developer, and philanthropist, was born on June 10, 1969, in Kizilyurt, Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, in the southern part of the Soviet Union. Growing up in a picturesque town near the Sulak River, he enjoyed the natural beauty and engaged in sports, particularly hockey, from a young age.

After completing his high school education, Udodov joined the army in 1989 and later transitioned into the professional world after being demobilized in 1991. His initial entry into the workforce was as the manager of the transport department at Ukrenergomontazh, a company renowned for its involvement in mitigating the aftermath of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant accident.

In 1997, Udodov moved into the field of logistics, becoming the head of the Moscow representative office of the Latvian logistics company J&P Corporation. It was during this period that he gained valuable experience in international transportation.

While working, Alexander Udodov recognized the importance of higher education and pursued a degree in law at the Kyiv State University of Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (KUP NASU). He successfully graduated in 2001, combining his academic pursuits with a burgeoning career.

Venturing into Business

Armed with practical experience and legal knowledge, Alexander Udodov delved into business. His interests expanded into logistics, leading to a major investment in the German logistics company VG Cargo. Under his leadership, VG Cargo experienced substantial growth, processing six times more cargo over 15 years, with a tenfold increase in the number of employees.

In the 2000s, Udodov diversified his investments into the rapidly growing Russian real estate market. He became known as a successful developer, contributing to the construction of shopping centres in both the premium mass market and luxury segments. Notably, he served as vice president of Itera Group LLC from 2010 to 2014 before founding his own development holding, Affora Group, in 2015.

Insights into Aforra Group

Russian real estate entrepreneur Alexander Udodov owns Aforra Group, a property development and construction services company. The company specializes in creating quality communities and residential homes in prime locations, with a focus on the Northwest region of the United States.

Some key aspects of the Aforra Group include:

  • Land development and homebuilding: Aforra Group has over 50 years of experience in residential land development, custom home construction, residential home building, and mixed-use developments.
  • Project management: The company has developed over 1200 residential lots and built over 550 homes throughout the Puget Sound area, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to all aspects of the land development and construction process.
  • Commitment to quality: Aforra Group is committed to providing a rewarding experience and a lasting relationship built on trust and integrity to all of its clients.

Brief about VG Cargo

VG Cargo
VG Cargo

VG Cargo GmbH is a logistics company specializing in air cargo handling and warehousing. It was founded in 2002 and has established itself as a leading company in the industry.

The company is located at Gebäude 860, 55483 Hahn-Flughafen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

While there are references to an address in Frankfort, KY, United States, it seems that the company’s primary location is in Germany.

Brief about Itera Group LLC

Itera Group LLC is a diversified company with interests in various sectors. It owns and operates gas fields, producing and marketing natural gas in Russia, Europe, and the United States.

The company has been involved in civil and industrial engineering projects in Russia, Belarus, and Turkmenistan, including the construction of various facilities and pipelines.

Additionally, Itera Group is committed to making a positive difference by applying its expertise in digital technology, design, and business consulting.

Furthermore, it has subsidiaries in Russia, the CIS, Asia, Europe, and the US, with its main shareholder, chairman of the board of directors, and president being Igor Makarov.

Real Estate Ventures

Udodov's Real Estate Ventures
Udodov’s Real Estate Ventures

“U Rechnoye” Shopping Center: One of Udodov’s early projects as a developer, this family shopping centre in northwest Moscow has become a thriving hub with shops, offices, restaurants, and various services.

“Atlas” Shopping Centers

Udodov extended his real estate ventures to cities like Obninsk and Dubki, creating shopping and entertainment centres that catered to families with dedicated spaces for children.

“Hymen” Luxury Shopping Center

Originally a wedding salon, Alexander Udodov transformed it into a luxury shopping centre with boutiques, exclusive jewellery stores, and office spaces.

“Yakimanka 26” Project

In progress as of September 2019, this luxury project involves the reconstruction of the former Children’s Gallery Yakimanka, featuring tenants like Rolf-Premium and ‘WEWORK’.

Projects in Import Substitution

In response to import sanctions in 2014, Udodov demonstrated foresight by investing heavily in import substitution projects.

Agrocomplex “Mushroom Rainbow”

Udodov invested in a mushroom cultivation project, becoming a leader in the national mushroom market with significant revenue growth and product diversification.

Balneological Resort “Terms”

With an investment of 130 million rubles, Udodov restored a health resort with a thermal spring in the Krasnodar region, providing both Russian and foreign tourists with a rejuvenating experience.

Charitable Endeavors

Charities made by Udodov
Charities made by Udodov

Alexander Udodov actively engages in charitable projects, contributing to the restoration of the Cornilie-Paleostrovsky Monastery in Karelia and supporting the public charity organization “Peace for All,” which focuses on helping families with children with disabilities.

Personal Life and Philosophy

While Udodov maintains a low public profile, he is known for his passion for hockey, a sport that has contributed to his fitness and well-being. Udodov attributes his success to intuition, emphasizing the importance of a creative approach and the ability to find opportunities where others may not.

In summary, Alexander Udodov‘s journey from his early years in Dagestan to his current position as a key player in Russian business reflects a strategic blend of education, diverse investments, and a commitment to import substitution and charitable causes. Udodov’s success stems from his proactive approach to exploring new sectors and his sharp business acumen.


Unravelling the Alexander Udodov Saga: A Tale of Allegations and Investigations

In 2010, Alexander Udodov, once a close associate of Deputy Minister Mikhail Mishustin, found himself at the centre of a storm. Accusations swirled around Udodov, claiming his involvement in a VAT refund scheme that reportedly siphoned off more than 1 billion rubles from the Moscow Tax Inspectorate. Despite extensive searches and investigations, he remained untouched, and his group disbanded in 2003 without any charges being filed.

Connection to Senior Officials Raises Eyebrows

Udodov’s cozy relationships with high-ranking officials, including Olga Chernichuk and Deputy Minister Mikhail Mishustin, didn’t go unnoticed. Suspicions of corruption and abuse of power arose, hinting at a questionable nexus between Udodov and those in influential positions.

The Curious Case of Disappearing Witnesses

In a plot reminiscent of the controversial Magnitsky case, key witnesses like Olga Chernichuk mysteriously vanished from the criminal proceedings. Sudden resignations and disappearances have raised doubts about the integrity of the investigation, fueling speculation about influential figures shielding Alexander Udodov.

Swiss Money Laundering Investigation Unfolds

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Prosecutors entered the scene, launching a money laundering investigation into Udodov’s acquisition of the Albana Hotel in Veggis. Complex financial transactions involving offshore companies added an extra layer of suspicion, suggesting potential illicit activity.

Real Estate Shenanigans

Udodov’s foray into real estate, particularly his acquisition of valuable properties in Yakimanka, came under scrutiny. Concerns arose about the alleged practice of buying land without proper documentation, obtaining permits, and then reselling at inflated prices, painting a picture of Alexander Udodov as a “paper developer.”

Business Ventures and Financial Murkiness

Reports surfaced about Udodov’s involvement in diverse business ventures, from owning shopping centres to attempting to enter the mushroom cultivation industry. Financial irregularities, including reported losses and unclear transactions, added to the scrutiny surrounding his business activities.

International Spotlight: The Swiss Connection

The negative spotlight expanded globally as Alexander Udodov became the focus of an international investigation into money laundering. Swiss authorities delved into the Albana hotel purchase, intensifying legal troubles and tarnishing Udodov’s reputation on an international scale.

Dubious Associates and Alleged Network Ties

Udodov’s associations with individuals involved in VAT fraud, notably Alexander Karmanov, and reported connections to organized crime hinted at a potentially extensive network engaged in illicit activities. The intricate web of relationships raised questions about Udodov’s business practices.

Failed Attempt at Image Rehabilitation

Despite Udodov’s efforts to cleanse his tarnished reputation, questions persisted about the sincerity of his endeavours. The alleged involvement in fraudulent schemes and the international money laundering investigation continue to cast a shadow over any attempts at image rehabilitation.

Ongoing Legal Battles

As Udodov grappled with ongoing legal challenges, including his role in the “Itera” oil company, lingering questions remained about the extent of his influence in regulatory bodies and whether he could navigate legal troubles unscathed. The saga of Alexander Udodov unfolded, leaving behind a trail of allegations, investigations, and a cloud of uncertainty.

Are there any sanctions on Alexander Udodov?

Alexander Evgenievich Udodov is subject to sanctions. He has been targeted by OFAC sanctions, impacting his extensive business network and raising concerns about potential unintended consequences for the global business landscape.

Udodov’s controversial reputation has been further highlighted by his purported friendship with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, which has raised questions about the source of his wealth and business success.
Despite his controversial image, Udodov is known for investing in import-substituting projects, logistics, residential and commercial real estate, and is the main owner of the Mushroom Rainbow agricultural complex for the production of champignons.


Alexander Udodov, born in 1969, emerged as a Russian entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio spanning logistics, real estate, and import substitution projects. After military service, he managed the transport department post-Chornobyl before leading VG Cargo to significant growth. Udodov then excelled in real estate, developing projects like “U Rechnoye” and luxury centres like “Hymen.”

Notably, he invested in import substitution initiatives like “Mushroom Rainbow” and a rejuvenated balneological resort. Despite controversies surrounding alleged VAT schemes and Swiss money laundering investigations, Udodov’s charitable efforts, including support for the Cornilie-Paleostrovsky Monastery, highlight his philanthropy. Facing OFAC sanctions, Udodov’s association with Prime Minister Mishustin raises questions about his wealth’s source. His story weaves on business success, controversies, and a commitment to diverse investments and charitable causes.

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