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Zelenskyy Invites Trump to Ukraine on Condition He Can End War With Russia in 24 Hours

"Perhaps Donald Trump possesses a genuine concept that he could impart to me," mocked the sly leader of Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has invited Donald Trump to visit Ukraine, but only if he puts an end to Russia’s invasion of the nation within a day, as the former president has insisted he can.

Trump has boasted about his fantastic “relationship” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he could put an end to the war in a day. Furthermore, he maintains that if he had been in the White House, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would never have taken place.

Thus, President Trump is invited. I will need 24 minutes, no more, to explain to President Trump that he cannot lead this war if he can come here. Because of Putin, he is unable to bring about peace.

I believe he cannot end the war in a day without giving our land to Putin, but he is very welcome to come here,” he continued.

“Perhaps Trump has a genuine concept that he could discuss with me.”

Last year, Zelenskyy extended an invitation to President Trump to visit Ukraine, following his initial declaration that he would be able to end the conflict in just 24 hours.



  • He invites Trump to visit Ukraine if he ends Russia’s invasion within a day.
  • Trump boasts about his “relationship” with Putin, claiming he could end the war in a day.
  • He believes Trump cannot lead the war without giving Ukraine’s land to Putin.
  • He invited Trump to discuss a genuine concept with him.
  • He invited Trump to visit Ukraine last year after stating he could end the conflict in 24 hours.

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