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Vladislav Doronin: Russian Oligarch and CEO of OKO Group

Early Life and Education

Vladislav Doronin was born on November 7, 1962, in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), Russia. Despite keeping his childhood and youth private, it is known that he was born into an intelligent family with a taste for cultural activities. His father’s travels exposed him to art and a comfortable lifestyle. He attended Moscow State University, married a Swiss girl, and left the USSR, later earning an MBA.

Entry into Business and Collaboration with Marc Rich

Doronin’s business journey began in Zurich at Marc Rich + Co., where his proficiency in Russian proved valuable. His friendship with Marc Rich played a crucial role in shaping his early career. Deals in rolled metal and oil, along with partnerships with Eduard Berman and Pavel Tyo, marked this period.

Formation of Capital Group and Real Estate Ventures

Vladislav Doronin established Capital Group in 1991, focusing initially on trading oil and non-ferrous metals. Partnerships with Berman and Tyo solidified in 1993. Capital Group entered real estate in 1992, with projects like the IBM building restoration. The 2008 financial crisis saw successful navigation, with a $1.5 billion loan securing the City of Capitals complex.

Capital Group and Vladislav Doronin

Life of Vladislav Doronin
Life of Vladislav Doronin

In the annals of 1993, Vladislav Doronin co-established the Capital Consortium, an eminent real estate entity that ascended to prominence in the bustling domains of Moscow’s commercial and residential sectors. In tandem with collaborators Pavel Tio and Eduard Berman, the Capital Consortium meticulously curated a portfolio comprising 71 avant-garde projects, enveloping an expansive expanse of 7,000,000 square meters. The towering epitome of their endeavours materialized in the form of the City of Capitals edifice, a momentarily sovereign structure that graced the Moscow skyline with distinction in 2009. Distinguished accomplishments extended to the accolade-laden Legend of Tsvetnoy enclave in 2011 and a collaborative venture alongside Gavriil Yushvaev for the OKO development, unfurling its narrative in 2013.

Within the precincts of the Capital Consortium, Doronin assumed multifaceted responsibilities spanning asset transactions, investor allure, architectural ideation, and strategic marketing imperatives. A tempest of legal undertakings unfolded in 2022 when he instigated a $20 million lawsuit against The Real Deal, alleging defamation emanating from articles weaving a narrative associating him with the Putin regime. In parallel, Swift Communications and The Aspen Times found themselves entangled in another lawsuit, wherein Doronin accused them of insinuating involvement in money laundering.

In the face of these legal maelstroms, Doronin orchestrated a strategic maneuver, transferring the ownership of his 33% stake in Capital Consortium to his progenitor in April 2022. Stridently disavowing any ties to the Russian oligarchy, he emphatically avowed the bona fides of his accrued wealth, attributing it to legitimate endeavours. The legal imbroglios reached a resolution in May 2022, orchestrating a denouement veiled in confidentiality.

Recognition and Expansion

Vladislav Doronin earned accolades, becoming RosBusinessConsulting’s Businessman of the Year in 2009. Capital Group flourished, leading projects like Aventura, OKO Tower, and AMAN hotels. In 2016, Doronin stepped down as Capital Group’s chairman, focusing on personal projects and the hotel business.

Personal Life and Relationships

Marital Life
Marital Life

Doronin’s personal life drew public interest, from his marriage to Katya to high-profile relationships with Naomi Campbell, Luo Ziling, and Kristina Romanova. He has two daughters, Ekaterina and Jasmine.

Entrepreneurial Ventures Beyond Capital Group

In 2014, Vladislav Doronin and Omar Amanat acquired Aman Resorts for $348 million, expanding it globally. In 2015, he founded OKO Group in Miami, involved in major international real estate projects, including the Crown Building in Manhattan. His charitable efforts focus on churches and medical research, alongside maintaining good physical shape through martial arts.

Net Worth

Net worth and wealth
Net worth and wealth

Vladislav Doronin, a prominent figure in the realms of Russian business, real estate development, and art curation, commands an estimated fortune of $1 billion, which has grown to a formidable $1.1 billion as of 2023. At the helm of Capital Group, a distinguished Russian real estate development and construction entity renowned for crafting opulent housing complexes, Doronin holds the pivotal position of President.

Doronin’s breadth of influence extends to the zenith of luxury hospitality, where he assumes the role of owner and chairman at Aman Resorts, an illustrious brand synonymous with extravagant hotels and resorts. Simultaneously, he exercises his leadership prowess as the Chairman and CEO of OKO Group, a diversified real estate development company, showcasing the breadth of his expertise.

Doronin’s imprint on the real estate landscape is indelible, marked by the successful development of an impressive 75 million square feet across 71 distinct properties. Not content to rest on past achievements, he steers an additional 27 million square feet through the currents of the development pipeline, illustrating his unwavering commitment to innovation and growth.

Beyond the realms of commerce, Doronin distinguishes himself as a connoisseur of the arts, a facet of his identity that adds a layer of sophistication to his multifaceted career. His extensive art collection serves as a testament to his discerning taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

In a business world where success is measured not only in wealth but also in impact, Vladislav Doronin stands as a luminary, his contributions echoing through the corridors of real estate development and luxury hospitality. His journey, marked by astute leadership and a passion for the arts, solidifies his status as a trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of the business landscape.

Legal Controversies and Recent Developments

In 2022, Vladislav Doronin faced legal challenges over land acquisitions in Aspen. He denied accusations, filing a lawsuit against The Aspen Times. As of the latest information, Doronin leads OKO Group and Aman, overseeing global real estate and luxury hospitality projects, with the launch of Janu, Aman’s sibling brand.

Further details

In April 2022, there was a legal dispute between Doronin and Swift Communications, the owner of The Aspen Times. Doronin filed a defamation lawsuit against Swift Communications. The media company faced legal consequences for publishing opinion pieces and a letter that suggested Doronin, in his Aspen investments, was secretly involved in laundering ill-gotten wealth from Russia.

In April 2022, there was a legal dispute between Doronin and Swift Communications, the owner of The Aspen Times. Doronin filed a defamation lawsuit against Swift Communications. The media company faced legal consequences for publishing opinion pieces and a letter that suggested Doronin, in his Aspen investments, was secretly involved in laundering ill-gotten wealth from Russia.

Despite the legal armistice, the narrative didn’t end there. In August of the same year, it was revealed in legal archives that Doronin owned a stake in a Russian enterprise. This contradicted his public denial of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, adding complexity to his endeavours.


‘While Capital Group’ was recognized by Forbes, specific details about Doronin’s wealth vary. Estimates range from $220 million to $2 billion. Despite success, his name is not listed in Forbes’ rankings.

Current State and Future Ventures

Vladislav Doronin continues to lead OKO Group and Aman, with ongoing projects like Amanvari in Mexico, Aman Nai Lert in Bangkok, and Aman Alla in Saudi Arabia showcasing his commitment to luxury development.


Vladislav Doronin, the president and CEO of Aman Resorts, has faced sanctions that have impacted his private jet, which was grounded in November due to sanctions imposed by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

The sanctions are not directly tied to Doronin and Aman, but Bombardier Global Express aircraft were on OFAC’s “Specially Designated Nationals” list, which includes individuals and entities sanctioned by the U.S. government.

The Aman aircraft is among eight planes that were being operated and managed by Malta- and Russia-based Emperor Aviation, which was also sanctioned by OFAC.

Doronin has been subject to international sanctions in the wake of Putin’s war on Ukraine.

He was born in the Soviet Union, built his fortune in Moscow’s real estate scene in the 1990s, and is a Swedish national and resident of Switzerland.

Doronin has denied any business dealings in Russia beyond 2014.

In a lawsuit filed against The Aspen Times, Doronin alleged that the newspaper defamed him by incorrectly portraying him as a corrupt Russian oligarch.

The lawsuit was settled out of court, and the publication agreed to remove reports and commentary referring to Doronin as an “oligarch.”


Vladislav Doronin, born in 1962 in Leningrad, Russia, embarked on a remarkable journey from his early career in Zurich with Marc Rich to founding Capital Group in 1991. Specializing in real estate, Capital Group achieved significant success, notably with the City of Capitals complex, overcoming the 2008 financial crisis. Doronin, recognized as RosBusinessConsulting’s Businessman of the Year in 2009, expanded his influence beyond Capital Group. He acquired Aman Resorts in 2014, founded OKO Group in 2015, and ventured into global real estate projects.

Despite legal controversies, including lawsuits against media outlets, Doronin’s net worth reached $1.1 billion in 2023. Stepping down as Capital Group’s chairman in 2016, he focused on personal projects, including Aman Resorts and OKO Group. Ongoing ventures like Amanvari in Mexico and Aman Nai Lert in Bangkok demonstrate his commitment to luxury development, solidifying Doronin’s status as a trailblazer in business, real estate, and hospitality.

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