Alisher Usmanov Emerges Victorious in Legal Battle Against Forbes 2024

Billionaire Usmanov Wins Court Battle Against Forbes

In a recent legal showdown, billionaire Alisher Usmanov has secured a significant victory against renowned business publication Forbes. The court ruling has far-reaching implications, shedding light on the complexities of the relationship between high-profile individuals and media entities.

An obtained copy of the ruling, the news website reported on Tuesday that a German court has prohibited the American edition of Forbes magazine from asserting that Russian-Uzbek billionaire Alisher Usmanov has close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

Russian-Uzbek billionaire Alisher Usmanov

Early in February 2022, Forbes reported—quoting an unnamed expert—that Usmanov “has repeatedly fronted for Putin and solved his business problems.”

Later that month, the European Council imposed war-related sanctions on the businessman, including an asset freeze and travel ban, citing the Forbes article.

According to RBC, He filed a lawsuit against Forbes in Hamburg’s District Court in February 2023 to contest the accusations.

The outlet claimed, citing court records, that was unable to offer instances of Usmanov’s business transactions on Putin’s behalf and would not disclose the identity of the expert that it cited. the Hamburg District Court decided that Forbes could no longer distribute the published claims.

Based on the article, His Flawyer Joachim Nikolaus Steinhofel called the EU sanctions a “complete institutional failure” that set the stage for “the witch-hunt against Mr. Usmanov.”

“Seems the EU council uses fake news to justify sanctions,” he posted on Tuesday on X, formerly Twitter.

The Moscow Times was not able to confirm RBC’s report on its own.

As of Tuesday night, the article titled “Meet Putin’s Oligarchs Most Likely to Get Slapped With Sanctions by Biden Over Ukraine” with the excerpt about Usmanov’s connections to Putin was still available to view. Usmanov’s net worth is estimated by Forbes to be $14.4 billion.


The dispute between Alisher Usmanov, a prominent business magnate known for his diverse investments, and Forbes, a leading source for business news, unfolded over [provide specifics about the nature of the dispute]. Allegations and counterclaims were exchanged, creating a legal saga that captured the attention of both the business world and the public.

Legal Proceedings By Usmanov

The legal battle saw Usmanov and Forbes engage in a rigorous courtroom drama, presenting their respective arguments and evidence. The specifics of the legal dispute revolved around [provide details on the key issues, legal claims, or accusations]. The courtroom drama unfolded as both parties sought to defend their positions, each making a compelling case before the presiding judge.

Court Decision

In a landmark decision, the court ruled in favor of Alisher , delivering a blow to Forbes and potentially impacting the publication’s reputation. The judge’s verdict hinged on [outline the key factors or legal precedents that influenced the decision]. The ruling not only settles the immediate dispute but sets a precedent for similar cases involving high-profile individuals and media organizations.

Implications and Reactions

The aftermath of the court decision reverberated through the business and media spheres. Industry experts, legal analysts, and the public weighed in on the implications of the ruling, discussing its potential impact on journalistic practices, freedom of the press, and the way billionaires interact with the media.

In the wake of the legal victory, Alisher may release a statement or hold a press conference to express his views on the court’s decision. This provides him with an opportunity to share his side of the story and potentially address any lingering issues arising from the dispute.

Forbes’ Response

Conversely, Forbes may choose to respond to the court’s decision. This could involve issuing a public statement, revisiting its coverage or reporting practices, and considering any necessary adjustments to its editorial policies.


  • A German court has ruled that Forbes cannot claim close ties to Russian-Uzbek billionaire Alisher Usmanov.
  • An article reported in February 2022 that He has repeatedly sided with Putin and solved business issues.
  • The European Council imposed war-related sanctions on Usmanov, including an asset freeze and travel ban.
  • Usmanov filed a lawsuit against Article in February 2023 to contest the accusations.
  • The Hamburg District Court decided that Forbes could no longer distribute the published claims.
  • Usmanov’s lawyer, Joachim Nikolaus Steinhofel, criticized the EU sanctions as a “complete institutional failure.”
  • The Moscow Times cannot confirm the report independently.
  • Usmanov’s estimated net worth is $14.4 billion.

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