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Massive Fire At Russian Wildberries Warehouse St. Petersburg 2024

Massive Fire At Wildberries Warehouse

On Saturday morning, a massive fire ripped through a sizable warehouse used by the biggest online retailer Russian, located south of St. Petersburg.

Massive Fire At Wildberries Warehouse

The blaze covered an area of 70,000 square meters (more than 750,000 square feet), with 50,000 square meters (around 540,000 square feet) of the Wildberries warehouse collapsing, according to Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry. There were no confirmed casualties.

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Social media videos seemed to show staff members escaping the scene by rushing down fire escapes.

Huge plumes of smoke were seen rising into the sky as flames completely consumed the warehouse in a video captured from a nearby passenger jet. The authenticity of the videos could not be immediately confirmed by the Associated Press.

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Firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading throughout the whole warehouse complex and to an electrical substation, according to Russia’s Ministry of Emergencies. It stated that defective electrical wiring was the fire’s primary cause, based on preliminary data.

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