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$120 Million Superyacht Amore Vero Owned by Igor Sechin Seized by French Authorities

The French authorities seized the superyacht Amore Vero, owned by a company linked to Russian Oligarch Igor Sechin on March 02, 2022.

Superyacht Amore Vero: Key Features

Superyacht Amore Vero
Superyacht Amore Vero

Amore Vero is an 85.6-metre custom motor yacht launched in 2013 by Oceanco in the Netherlands. The yacht has a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. It has a gross tonnage of 2,700 tonnes and a volume of 2,800 GT.

The yacht features exterior design by Lobanov Design and naval architecture by Oceanco and Azure Naval Architects.

It includes a swimming pool that turns into a helipad and multiple decks, including one with a jacuzzi.

Who is Igor Sechin?

Igor Sechin
Igor Sechin

Igor Sechin is a Russian businessman and government official with close ties to Vladimir Putin. They have been friends since the early 1990s, and Sechin has held different positions in the Russian government.

He worked jointly with Putin when he was the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg and later when Putin became President. Sechin also served as Deputy Prime Minister in Putin’s government from 2008 to 2012.

Presently, Sechin is the top executive at Rosneft, a Russian government-owned oil company. He is known for giving conservative advice to Putin and is the leader of a group called the Siloviki, which consists of former security service agents. Some foreign governments have imposed sanctions on Sechin because of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Superyacht Amore Vero: Seizure Details

Superyacht Amore Vero
Superyacht Amore Vero

French authorities have taken control of the 86-meter superyacht Amore Vero.

On March 2, 2022, customs officials at the La Ciotat port decided to seize the yacht after determining that it had violated the law by attempting to leave.

Amore Vero was linked to Igor Sechin, a prominent figure who found himself on the European Union’s list of sanctioned individuals as of February 28, 2022.

Sechin is renowned for being one of Vladimir Putin’s most trusted and closest advisors, holding a position of significant influence within the Russian political elite.

These actions are a direct response to particular events or actions connected to Russia’s foreign policy and domestic affairs.

What does the French Ministry say?

In accordance with Article 459 of the customs code, as prescribed by the community regulations, the French Ministry of Economy and Finance has declared the endeavour to depart from French territorial waters a transgression.

This transgression pertains to any individual who violates the provisions concerning economic interactions and financial assets. The subject of concern in this matter was the yacht, which found itself ensnared by the injunctions applied to its proprietor. These directives, promptly enforceable, mandated the cessation of mobility for the maritime vessel.

The yacht arrived in La Ciotat on January 2, 2022, where repairs were due to be carried out over three months. The ship was making arrangements to sail urgently without completing the planned work. The vessel was stopped and boarded by authorities.

FAQs on Superyacht Amore Vero

Q.1 What are the key features of Amore Vero? 
Amore Vero has a swimming pool, an elevator for easy access between floors, two VIP cabins, and a private owner’s deck. The yacht has a cabin configuration of one master, two VIP, four double, and one twin cabin. The yacht has a top speed of 18.50 knots and is powered by a twin-screw propulsion system. The yacht has a range of 6,900 nautical miles.

Q.2 Why was the superyacht Amore Vero seized by French authorities?

French authorities seized the 86-metre superyacht Amore Vero on March 2, 2022, after customs officials at the La Ciotat port determined that it had violated the law by attempting to leave. The seizure was related to particular events or actions connected to Russia’s foreign policy and domestic affairs.

Q.3 What happens to the seized superyacht now?

The fate of the seized superyacht, Amore Vero, would depend on the legal proceedings and the specific regulations and laws governing such cases in France. It may be subject to legal actions, investigations, and potential penalties as a result of the violation that led to its seizure.

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