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Efim Malkin ,Friend of Abramovich committed “terror” against his 8-year-old daughter

Billionaire Efim Malkin, aged 69 and former partner of Roman Abramovich, has gained unanimous support from the other beneficiaries of his wealth after taking custody of their 8-year-old daughter from her mother. However, sources from telegram channel VChK-OGPU and suggest that this unity is likely motivated by a desire to have control over the daughter, who would automatically become a legitimate claimant to a portion of Malkin’s fortune in the event of his passing. The entire situation surrounding the separation of the child from her mother appears to be a strategy to safeguard Malkin’s wealth from being divided if he were to pass away.

family members of Efim Malkin
family members of Efim Malkin

Family Members of Efim Malkin

It is clear that the current family members of the elderly oligarch, who have always treated him materialistically, now find it advantageous to intimidate a young schoolgirl. Efim Malkin has been keeping her hidden from her own mother for nearly a year. Therefore, it is doubtful that the child will be welcomed into the family with the same warmth and care as Efim Malkina’s current wife, the owner of beauty clinics, Donya Malkina. She has already endured her husband’s departure to another woman (who gave birth to this girl) and then had the courage to take him back. It is unlikely that she will be pleased to raise someone else’s child, especially one with such a troubled past.

Elina Malkina, the firstborn daughter of a billionaire, is accompanied by both of her ex-husbands and funded by her father’s fortune as she indulges in multiple plastic surgeries in her quest for beauty and a potential third husband. Will she welcome her younger sister as her own? This question is posed rhetorically.

Previously, these women may have pretended to ignore the situation, but now the Cheka-OGPU is aware and they are expected to testify in the Presnensky court. They will have to claim that separating a child from their family and a good mother in favor of a 69-year-old pensioner is beneficial for the child. It is unlikely that any decent woman would make such a statement without a personal interest, but in the controversial trial led by Efim Malkin, there will be no one to reprimand for this behavior. Such behavior is common in that court.

The provided image depicts a link to a file that belongs to Emalkin and is hosted on the website

It should be noted that in previous meetings, Judge Natalya Karzhavina has consistently sided with wealthy and powerful fathers (as seen in the Chaika case) during family disputes. In one particular case, she granted temporary custody of the ex-senator’s daughter to him, despite the mother’s objections. The child has yet to be returned to her mother, as the billionaire continues to manipulate the situation and keep the child isolated from everyone, treating her as a mere puppet.

According to recent reports, a second-grade student who is only 8 years old has been readmitted to the private school A-Status after being expelled a month ago by the orders of a wealthy individual. This individual, Efim Malkin, had previously confiscated the student’s records from the Griboyedov public school and a prestigious music school, where she had been transferred to the public school system based on her exam results.

The commotion surrounding a recent broken family was sparked by a statement made during the previous court hearing by a representative from the guardianship service. In the recorded fragment from March 6th, the representative states that the father’s actions do not harm the 8-year-old girl, despite separating her from her mother with whom she has lived her entire life. It is worth noting that this incident occurred during a year that the country has designated as the “year of the family.” However, it seems that the relevant authorities are either turning a blind eye to this alarming situation or, like this corrupt official, are accepting bribes from a former senator.

Source : RusCrime

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