Hackers from Ukraine Hit a Crucial Russian Target, Causing Massive Damage

The hacker group known as Blackjack has launched a powerful attack on a Russian water utility.

The ongoing cyberwar between Russia and Ukraine has escalated significantly with the launch of a potent attack on a Russian water utility by the Ukrainian hacker group Blackjack. This group, well-known for its aggressive participation in the cyberwar, recently gained access to the Russian water company Rosvodkanal’s systems.

Blackjack is said to have compromised more than 6,000 computers, wiping out more than 50 terabytes of data, according to the Kyiv Independent. Documents, correspondence, security services, backups, and more are among the compromised data sets.

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The Kyiv Independent claims that the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) most likely provided support for this attack. Approximately 1.5 terabytes of data that Blackjack took from Rosvodkanal’s systems are presently being examined by the SBU.

Privately held investment firm Rosvodkanal, a member of the Alfa Group Consortium, has not acknowledged or commented on the incident. Oil and gas, fintech, banking, insurance, telecommunications, and water utilities are the main areas of interest for the Alfa Group.

Alfa Group’s founder and major owner is Russian oligarch and banker Mikhail Fridman, who is on the EU’s list of sanctioned individuals.

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