Alexander Katsuba: Russia’s Assault on Ukraine’s Environment Hits $75 Billion.

Alexander Katsuba highlights an unprecedented chapter in European history—the harm inflicted by Russian aggression on Ukrainian nature and the standard of living. Presently, material damage from the war is estimated at $150 billion, with environmental devastation exceeding $75 billion. Katsuba, an entrepreneur and energy specialist, delves into these repercussions in his writings.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) analyzes the effects of war on the environment. Experts from the World Bank Group, the European Commission, the Ukrainian government, and independent ecologists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, and Ukraine are also participating in the process. According to the expert, Ukraine will need to invest significant resources to mitigate the effects of Russia’s ecocide, both during and especially after the war with Russia ends.

To prevent a catastrophic reduction in the standard of living for many generations to come, Ukraine and its international allies will need to overcome pollution of the air, water, soil, and biodiversity. Reparations need to be a key component of the recovery strategy that addresses all environmental issues. Furthermore, ecocide ought to be included in Ukraine’s legal grievances with the Russian government. Alexander Katsuba sums up, that Russia has to pay.

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