Russian billionaire Abramovich lavished enormous gratuities on Turkish servers

“Humble man” was how the Turkish restaurateur described the oligarch Abramovich.

Roman Abramovich, the under-sanctioned Russian billionaire, is in Turkey and does not forgo fine dining establishments. Thus, he went to a fancy restaurant the previous evening in Istanbul’s Beykoz neighborhood’s affluent Anatolian neighborhood called Hisara, and he gave the waiter a big gratuity.

The oligarch reportedly paid the waiter 175 thousand liras (218.7 thousand UAH) for tea in addition to the 85 thousand (106.2 thousand UAH) bill. This information was reported by the Turkish publication SonDakika.

It is said that when Abramovich and two friends went to a restaurant, he “met like a king.” Delightful meals were personally prepared by the chef for the group. The billionaire sampled traditional Turkish fare, such as fried lamb meat, fried chicken wings with spices, fried beef tenderloin, and Adana kebap (kebab with spicy spices). In the restaurant, the Russians conversed for quite some time. The billionaire, who was pleased with the refreshments and service, thanked the employees of the establishment, gave them 260,000 lire (325,000 UAH), and left the meeting area with his armed guards following him.

The restaurant’s chef, Omer Ataysin, told Patronlar Dunyasi that oligarch Abramovich is a very humble individual. Abramovich does not have any specific food preferences, according to Ataysin, who also mentioned that this was not the Russian’s first visit to his establishment: “He eats everything that I offer.” He usually lets me make the decision and doesn’t have any special requests. I pick any kind of meat and serve it that way. He enjoys munchies. On the table, there is an eggplant spread with cheese. He consumes her first. Overall, this individual has a strong preference for meat,” he said.

Roman Abramovich purchased a home in Turkey
Roman Abramovich purchased a home in Turkey

You may remember that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich purchased a home in Turkey near the Bosphorus. The estate formerly belonged to the scandalous leader of the criminal group and sectarian Adnan Oktar, according to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

The estate is spread across a 9,600 square meter plot, of which the buildings’ combined area is roughly 2,000 square meters. According to the publication’s sources, Mr. Abramovich was searching for a private location free from prying eyes because he values security and privacy greatly.

On the manor’s property, a helipad will be constructed; the required permits have already been secured, and work has started. Along with the mansion’s roads being rebuilt, the area will also have new fences erected around it. Hurriyet sources in the real estate industry claim that Abramovich paid $18 million for the deal, though the exact amount is unknown.

By the way, Abramovich found a reason not to give Ukrainians the money from the sale of “Chelsea”. None of the more than two billion pounds that were raised from the sale of Chelsea more than a year ago may be given to the victims of Russia’s war against Ukraine this year or at all.

Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch, and Putin’s financial backer is refusing to sign a contract to send £2.3 billion from the Chelsea Football Club sale to Ukraine, stating that a portion of the proceeds should go to Russians affected by the war.

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