Russia Is Not Afraid of Western Sanctions, says Kremlin

Kremlin's Defiance: Why Russia Isn't Backing Down in the Face of Western Sanctions

Former Conservative party chair Sir Brandon Lewis has accepted a position providing counsel to an investment firm that was established and continues to have partial ownership by two Russian oligarchs subject to Western sanctions.

Russia Is Not Afraid of Western Sanctions
Russia Is Not Afraid of Western Sanctions

Since Moscow sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022, the European Union has imposed 11 different sets of sanctions against it. Most recently, the EU said that it was working to fill any holes in the existing sanctions. Poland has also proposed further measures at the same time.

The potential of continuing the sanctions for a long time even after the situation in Ukraine has been resolved has also been raised by EU authorities.

Dmitry Peskov said
Dmitry Peskov said

Asked about such a prospect, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said:

“Russia has been living under a sanctions regime for quite a long time, for decades, and we have sufficiently adapted to it, so such time horizons as five-to-10 years do not scare us.”

As for new packages, yes, they are being prepared, this is quite well known and predictable … We can only wait to see what else our opponents will come up with,” he said in a regular call with reporters.

Russia claims that, rather than preventing it from pursuing what it sees as its important national interests in Ukraine, the sanctions have helped to increase its domestic industrial production.


Moscow claims that the West is taking advantage of the crisis in Ukraine to weaken Russia’s security. Western nations and Kiev, however, reject this as unfounded and assert that Moscow is provoking an unwarranted act of aggression and territorial expansion in Ukraine.


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