A recap of Yerkin Tatishev’s 2023 campaign

Kusto Group founder, Yerkin Tatishev, left a significant mark on 2023 through a series of impactful actions. From extending humanitarian aid to earthquake-hit Turkey to unveiling the vibrant Qoffee Houses, his leadership has been marked by resilience and innovation.

The Shamal Festival 2023 in Kazakhstan witnessed him championing business unity, while the ambitious Wendy expansion showcased Kusto Group’s continued commitment to growth.

Kusto Group: “Thousands of people are trying to survive”

At the beginning of the year, Yerkin Tatishev and Kusto Group extended a helping hand to the victims of the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6th, 2023. The humanitarian aid provided by the firm played a crucial role in alleviating the suffering of those affected.

“Representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that ensuring the survival of earthquake survivors is not an easy task. Thousands of people are now trying to survive. At night, the temperature in that region is below zero. Most of the victims have no shelter, drinking water, fuel, electricity, and communication,” the company wrote as it announced its donation.

The aid sent by Kusto Group included eight generators and four yurts (tents), among other objects.

“Taking into account the extremely cold weather in the affected regions, it is clear that the more yurts Kazakhstan sends, the better. Traditional yurts are best suited for providing temporary shelter to victims. Building a yurt is easy and quick, warm, durable and reliable,” Kusto Group wrote.

The donation not only showcased the humanitarian ethos embedded in Kusto Group’s values but also highlighted Yerkin Tatishev’s commitment to making a positive impact on communities facing adversity.

Yerkin Tatishev combines fueling and catering services at Qoffee

In 2023, Kusto Group also continued revolutionizing the coffee experience on the roads of Kazakhstan with its innovative Qoffee coffee houses.

Spearheading this venture, Yerkin Tatishev envisions Qoffee as more than just a pit stop but a destination offering quality coffee and wholesome food alternatives. The initial three branches, strategically positioned at Compass gas stations in Almaty and Konaev, have quickly become magnets for both drivers and passengers.

Orazkhan Karsybekov, a key figure in the Kusto Group, emphasized the importance of providing a quality coffee product at modern facilities, making Qoffee an essential addition to the gas stations.

Yerkin Tatishev, the driving force behind Kusto Group, demonstrates strategic thinking in naming the coffee houses. With Kazakhstan transitioning to the Latin alphabet, the letter ‘Q’ is gaining popularity, evident in Qazakhstan, Qumis, and now Qoffee. This initiative aligns with Kusto Group’s broader portfolio, including Compass gas stations and convenience stores, reflecting the founder’s commitment to combining fueling and catering services.

Looking ahead, Kusto Group has inked an agreement with the Kazakhstani Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development to open an additional 35 Compass gas stations on major roads.

Yerkin Tatishev estimates a substantial investment of around $70 million for these new branches, contributing to job creation with over 4,000 employment opportunities.

How a Festival Fostered Business Relations in Central Asia

In the summer of 2023, Yerkin Tatishev took center stage at the Shamal Festival in Kazakhstan, demonstrating his commitment to bolstering business opportunities in the region.

The festival, attracting 5,000 business leaders from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and neighboring countries, served as a platform for fostering entrepreneurial cooperation and forming a robust business community in Central Asia.

Addressing the gathering, Yerkin Tatishev underscored the vital need for unity among Central Asian nations, emphasizing their shared history, geography, and culture. He championed the preservation of friendship and peace within the region and seized the opportunity to highlight the immense potential presented by a collective market of 80 million people.

The Kusto Group founder encouraged entrepreneurs to collaborate and share experiences for mutual success, positioning the festival as a catalyst for economic cooperation.

Advocating for sustainable development, he recognized the value of forums like the Shamal Festival in promoting economic cooperation and facilitating business exchange. Tatishev’s engagement extended beyond speeches, actively networking with regional entrepreneurs, expressing keen interest in their ventures, and encouraging collaborative opportunities.

Yerkin Tatishev expands Wendy’s operations

Kusto Group also spearheaded the expansion of the fast-food chain Wendy’s across Central Asia in 2023 and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Announcing his plans at the Wendy’s Annual Franchise Convention in Washington, D.C. in October, Yerkin Tatishev revealed intentions to launch 55 Wendy’s branches in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan by 2030.

Kusto Group aims to introduce AI-based drive-thrus and a next-generation restaurant layout in Kazakhstan by the summer of 2024.

Attending the convention, Yerkin Tatishev engaged with Wendy’s executives, emphasizing the local commitment by sourcing 60% of ingredients locally. The strategic alliance not only brings Wendy’s renowned dining experience to Central Asia but underscores Kusto Group’s dedication to local communities and economic growth.

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