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Hanna Rizatdinova Opens Up About Relationship with Son’s Father, Oligarch

Hanna Rizatdinova recently shared the details of her current and past romantic relationships with “Lux FM.” Unfortunately, the Olympic champion revealed that she has parted ways with Oleksandr Onishchenko and her most recent boyfriend. The gymnast openly discussed the reasons behind these relationship changes.

During the “Lux FM” exhibition, journalist Sonia Morozyuk had the opportunity to speak with Rizatdinova. The athlete candidly explained the factors leading to the end of her association with the oligarch Onishchenko and her more recent partner.

Not too long ago, the 30-year-old athlete expressed her happiness in love and even hinted at wedding plans. However, the challenges of a full-scale war disrupted Rizatdinova’s romantic intentions, forcing a reevaluation of the relationship. From a distance, it became evident that the pair was not well-suited for each other. In light of these realizations, Hanna took the initiative to suggest a separation, recognizing that both had undergone changes during the course of the war. It appears that the experience prompted Rizatdinova to mature and seek a different kind of relationship.

Hanna Rizatdinova Opens Up About Relationship with Son’s Father, Oligarch

Hanna Rizatdinova’s Quest for Coziness and Connection in Relationships

From the age of 5, Hanna had to immerse herself seriously in sports, lacking the comfort and warmth of a family due to the strict coaching of her mother. Now, seeking hugs and support, she longs for a partner capable of providing this emotional connection.

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Another crucial factor for Hanna is the financial stability of her chosen one. A man must not earn less than Anna – a benchmark set at a minimum of $5,000 per month.

Regarding her ex-husband Oleksandr Onishchenko, a real oligarch, their family life did not endure, leading to a divorce when their son Roman was merely 2 years old. Currently, communication between them is limited to matters concerning their son. If Hanna needs any documents or support related to Roman’s well-being, she can turn to Alexander. However, beyond parental responsibilities, there are no other topics of conversation. Onishchenko rarely sees his son.

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