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Igor Lebedev AKA David Aleksandrovich Garcia Who VANISHED in 2021

Who is Igor Lebedev, Politician ?

Igor Lebedev is the son of Late Vladimir Zhirinovsky the leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR). Once believed to be lining up his eldest son, Igor Lebedev, to take control of the party, Lebedev quit politics in 2021.

In March 2017 Lebedev proposed legalising football hooliganism and turning it into a sport.

Igor Lebedev has drawn up rules for “draka” – the Russian word for fight – which he said would involve 20 unarmed competitors on each side in an organised brawl.

Igor Lebedev proposed legalising football hooliganism
Igor Lebedev proposed legalising football hooliganism

Groups of Russia fans were deported from France after repeated scenes of violence at Euro 2016.

Early Life and Education of Igor Lebedev

Igor Vladimirovich Lebedev (Russian: Игорь Владимирович Лебедев) was born on 27 September 1972 in Moscow.  His father is Vladimir Zhirinovsky, chairman of the LDPR and mother is Galina Lebedeva.

Igor completed his studies at the Moscow State Law Academy in 1996. During 1994 to 1997 , Lebedev served as his father’s aide in the State Duma. Subsequently, from 1997 to 1998, he held a position as a specialist within the LDPR faction’s administrative structure in the State Duma.

Wife : Grishaeva Nadezhda Sergeevna

Igor originally named Zhirinovsky, changed his name to Igor Lebedev and pursued a successful career in Russian politics, eventually becoming deputy speaker of the Duma. While his official biography does not mention Nadezhda Grishaeva, she was in fact his lawful wife from August 2016 to March 2019, and they share a son and daughter.

Where Has Igor Lebedev Vanished?

In 2021, he declared his withdrawal from politics and also decided to quietly change his surname. However, it was not his father’s surname that he changed. The former vice-speaker of the State Duma is now known as David Aleksandrovich Garcia and has seemingly disappeared from the public eye.

David Aleksandrovich Garcia
David Aleksandrovich Garcia

According to the Russian Telegram channel Baza , the name change took place in the summer of 2021, when he announced his departure from Russian politics and the LDPR party forever.

According to Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky, Zhirinovsky’s son is going to Spain. 

“Just a classic of Russian imperial patriotism. Dad made a fortune, hanging noodles on his ears about the greatness of Russia … And the children and grandchildren eventually packed their bags and went to squander their inheritance in the damned west, leaving war, poverty and eternal sanctions to the fooled fans of the possessed Zhirik,” – said the journalist.

David Aleksandrovich Garcia AKA Igor Lebedev in Spain

The former Vice Speaker of Russia’s State Duma has quit Russian politics and is more than likely heading for the warm beaches of Spain, where he reportedly has lots of real estate. Some media outlets speculate that sanctions evasion could be the reason for the change; Garcia/Lebedev since 2014 has not been able to travel to Europe, where his family members own real estate because of EU and UK sanctions.

Early Russian journalists found out that Igor Lebedev, through his friends and relatives, owns several houses and hotels in Spain. In the spring of 2020, Lebedev was suspected of embezzling money from LDPR youth organizations. This was one of the reasons for the conflict between Zhirinovsky and his son. In the summer of 2021, Lebedev announced that he was suspending his participation in the political life of Russia. However, he changed not only his job, but also completely changed his first name, patronymic and last name.

EU Sanctions Against Igor Lebedev

 Igor Lebedev were sanctioned by the European Union after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

Deputy Speaker, State Duma. On 20 March 2014 he voted in favour of the draft Federal Constitutional Law ‘on the acceptance into the Russian Federation of the Republic of Crimea and the formation within the Russian Federation of new federal subjects- the republic of Crimea and the City of Federal Status Sevastopol’.

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