Israel Hamas War -16 Russian Killed and 9 Missing Out

Russian Ambassador Anatoly Viktorov reports 16 Russian nationals killed and 9 missing in Israel-Hamas War, all victims held Israeli citizenship

According to Anatoly Viktorov, Russia’s ambassador to Israel, sixteen Russian nationals have died in the conflict between militants in the Israel Hamas War, and nine more are still missing.

Anatoly Viktorov, as quoted by the state-run TASS news agency, stated that all 16 individuals who lost their lives held Israeli citizenship.

Anatoly Viktorov, Russia's ambassador to Israel
Anatoly Viktorov, Russia’s ambassador to Israel
Israel-Hamas War
Israel-Hamas War

During a press conference, Anatoly Viktorov mentioned that among the hostages seized by Hamas, there is one individual who holds citizenship in both Russia and Israel.

The diplomat reported that, during the initial ten days of the conflict, the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv received over 5,000 phone calls and emails.

“We maintain constant communication with the citizens of our country who are there [in Israel and Palestine],” Anatoly Viktorov said. “We’re making active efforts to minimize the threat to the lives and health of our compatriots.”

He observed that the Russian Embassy has no intention of conducting immediate evacuations for its citizens.

Russian Embassy
Russian Embassy

“More than 300 people signed up for outbound flights in anticipation that they may happen in the future. But I think some of them have already taken regular flights,” Anatoly Viktorov said.

Hamas militants breached the heavily fortified Israeli border on October 7, leading to the most devastating attack in Israel’s 75-year history.

Hamas militants
Hamas militants

The attack resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 Israelis, and Israel’s retaliatory air strikes on the Gaza Strip have claimed the lives of at least 2,750 Palestinians.

During a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, President Vladimir Putin conveyed that Moscow has implemented measures to encourage the process of “bringing about normalization” and seeking a “peaceful resolution” to the conflict.

Observers interpreted the negotiations as an indication of the Kremlin’s attempts to uphold its influence in the area.

Russia has historically maintained positive relationships with both Israeli and Palestinian authorities, but it has not openly denounced the Hamas attack.

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