Russian Legislator Proposes Establishing a ‘Ministry of Happiness’ Due to Public Discontent with the War

A legislator in Russia proposed a solution to the stress caused by the war: establish a "ministry of happiness."

Ministry of Happiness for Lawmaker War Stress Relief: According to The Insider, a Russian independent online publication, Valentina Matviyenko called for the immediate enactment of a law promoting everyone’s well-being during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

As Moscow has been involved in Ukraine for almost 20 months, the chairperson of the Russian Federation Council proposed the creation of a Ministry of Happiness. However, Valentina Matviyenko disclosed that the idea came about while she was in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2019. During her appearance at the recent Znanie (Knowledge) education expo in Moscow, she offered this suggestion.

“Immediately, a law on overall happiness!” Valentina Matviyenko said, according to The Insider, a Russian independent publication online.

“You know, I dream of creating and have even proposed that we create a Ministry of Happiness in Russia. A ministry that will review all decisions and laws to see whether this new law or new government decree will make people happier. So far, I have a small group supporting this. You are welcome to join. I think the time will come when we will create a Ministry of Happiness in Russia,” she said.

Valentina Matviyenko, the chairperson of the Russian Federation Council

The United Arab Emirates became one of four nations to appoint a “minister of happiness” in 2016. This role was in charge of developing and carrying out programs and policies meant to improve the country’s general standard of living. In 2013, Venezuela established a ministry with a comparable function.

Balancing Politics and Peace: Russia’s Ministry of Happiness Initiative

The online journal Ukrainska Pravda in Ukraine had previously referred to Valentina Matviyenko as a “symbol of corruption.” Valentina Matviyenko, the head of the Russian Federation Council since 2011 and rumored to be worth over a billion rubles, witnessed her son reach a billion dollar wealth threshold by the time he was thirty-six years old in 2009.

As reported by Source Professor of practice Mikhail Troitskiy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison suggested that we evaluate her comments in light of the nation’s present political environment, as reported by Newsweek.

“Russia is known for public figures who may struggle to properly express their sentiments, or those of the citizenry, because they avoid taboo subject matter. Open calls for the escalation of Russia’s war effort against Ukraine are not encouraged, and there have been cases of the Kremlin disavowing aggressive rhetoric when it came from high-ranking and visible officials. However, calling for an end to the ‘special military operation’ is prone with even higher risk, so figures such as Matviyenko are forced to look for flashy, if nonsensical, topics that would go around the issue of Russia’s aimless and destructive war of choice,” he told the outlet.

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