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Natalya Kaspersky Assets: Investments, Influence, and IT Empire of $270 million

Overview of Natalya Kaspersky

Natalya Kaspersky, also recognized as Natalya Kasperskaya, is a prominent Russian IT entrepreneur and currently serves as the President of the InfoWatch Group. Her journey includes co-founding and leading the renowned antivirus security software company, Kaspersky Lab. After graduating with a degree in applied mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Machinery, Natalya began her career as a research assistant at the Central Scientific Design Office.

Natalya Kaspersky assets extend beyond her role at InfoWatch. Regarded as one of the wealthiest women in Russia, she holds a significant position as one of the most influential figures in the Russian IT industry. Her achievements showcase a remarkable journey from pioneering antivirus solutions to shaping the landscape of data protection and security.

In 1994, Natalya transitioned to KAMI Information Technologies Center, where she was pivotal in managing the antivirus project, AVP. This project later evolved into establishing Kaspersky Lab in 1997, with Natalya as its co-founder and inaugural CEO. After a successful tenure as CEO, she made a strategic move in 2007, stepping down to spearhead InfoWatch, a subsidiary of Kaspersky Lab, and assumed the position of CEO.

Diverse Portfolio of Natalya Kaspersky Assets

Early Ventures and Co-founding Kaspersky Lab (1997)

Natalya Kaspersky, a key figure in the Russian IT industry, gained prominence through her co-founding role at Kaspersky Lab in 1997. Alongside Eugene Kaspersky and Alexey De-Monderik, Natalya took on the role of CEO.

Kaspersky Lab has evolved into a leading global provider of endpoint security solutions, making significant strides in the cybersecurity sector. Its early years witnessed rapid expansion, marked by substantial international revenue growth and a notable increase in staff numbers during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab

The co-founders’ expertise and innovative approach to antivirus software were instrumental in the company’s development, establishing a reputation for advanced threat discoveries and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Rise to Sole Ownership and Leadership at InfoWatch (2011)

Natalya Kaspersky, also recognized as Natalya Kasperskaya, holds a prominent role in the Russian IT sector. Since October 2007, she has served as the CEO and majority owner of InfoWatch, a company specializing in developing systems for safeguarding confidential information from internal threats.

Under Natalya’s leadership, InfoWatch has prioritized the creation of comprehensive products. These products empower companies to exercise full control over the circulation of sensitive data, ensuring protection against unauthorized access and use through advanced encryption techniques.


In 2011, InfoWatch experienced a notable boost in revenue from the sales of its solutions. The company strategically distributed its earnings across various industries, solidifying its position in the information security market. This period witnessed an expansion of turnover and a diversification of the product portfolio.

Moreover, in 2020, Natalya Kasperskaya made a significant move by pledging her stake in InfoWatch to VTB, a prominent Russian bank. This strategic decision aligns with the company’s vision for continued growth and development in the dynamic landscape of information security.


In 2011, Natalya Kaspersky played a role in launching Kribrum, a web reputation management project co-founded by her business partner, Igor Ashmanov. The project’s objective was to monitor and analyze both positive and negative references related to companies, brands, or individuals, providing recommendations for corrective actions. This service had a notable impact on search engine results and blog ratings, working to amplify positive articles while limiting the reach of negative ones.

Funding for the Kribrum project came from Natalya’s sale of shares in Kaspersky Lab, indicating a strategic shift in her investment focus. The project aimed to operate on a global scale, initially targeting well-known international companies specializing in mass-market products.

Despite the project’s ambitions, the specifics of Natalya’s direct involvement remain unclear. Beyond her connection to Ashmanov and her financial support through the sale of Kaspersky Lab shares, the extent of her participation in Kribrum’s day-to-day operations and decision-making remains undisclosed.


Natalya Kaspersky co-owns Nanosemantics, a company specializing in the development of technologies for natural language processing and semantic analysis in written speech. The company harnesses neural network platforms, including its proprietary platform. Founded by Igor Ashmanov, who heads Ashmanov & Partners, Nanosemantics has operated as a subsidiary of the latter since 2005.

Ashmanov & Partners, established in 2001 as a privately held company, has been dedicated to artificial intelligence development from its inception. Under its umbrella, Nanosemantics focuses on creating chatbots for websites, phones, and consumer electronics.

Natalya Kaspersky’s role as a co-owner in Nanosemantics is noteworthy, strengthening the company’s standing alongside Igor Ashmanov.

G Data Software AG

Natalya Kaspersky, a co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, holds a stake in G Data Software AG, a prominent German antivirus company. In October 2012, she acquired a substantial 16.8% of the company’s shares, earning her a position on its board.

This engagement with G Data Software AG is noteworthy, given its standing as a leading European provider of antivirus and IT security solutions. Natalya’s ownership stake not only underscores her dedication to the cybersecurity sector but also highlights her strategic investments in diverse technology firms.

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