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NATO announce Russia’s CFE treaty withdrawal, suspend its operation

NATO member nations halt their involvement in the CFE Treaty following Russia's withdrawal.

NATO announce: Russia’s decision to leave the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) and its aggressive activities against Ukraine are deeply regretted by the Allies, as they go against the stated goals of the pact. The disengagement of Russia is merely one of several measures that steadily weaken security along the Euro-Atlantic.

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Russia consistently shows a lack of commitment to weapons control, weakening the rule-based international order and breaking fundamental norms including reciprocity, openness, compliance, verification, and the agreement of host nations. Even if we recognize the crucial role the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) play in the Euro-Atlantic security framework, it would not be sustainable for Russia to not abide by the treaty while the other Allied States Parties would. Thus, following their international legal rights, the Allied States Parties want to temporarily suspend the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe CFE Treaty’s implementation for the necessary amount of time. Every NATO member state supports this decision.

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The partners reiterate their continued commitment to preventing miscommunications, hostilities, and military tensions. By respecting core principles including openness, compliance with regulations, validation, mutual understanding, and gaining approval from the countries they are visiting, they hope to build confidence and assurance and advance peace and security. Allies kindly invite other nations that also uphold these principles and this level of commitment to work with us to advance security and predictability throughout the Euro-Atlantic region.

NATO announce Russia’s CFE treaty
NATO announce Russia’s CFE treaty

London’s Rich Russians: Kid Gloves Against Oligarchs?

The Allies are steadfast in their dedication to maintaining robust conventional arms control measures as a crucial aspect of Euro-Atlantic security. They consider the current security landscape and the safety of all Allies while reinforcing the Alliance’s deterrence and defense capabilities, which they have chosen to enhance further. The Allies will persist in discussing and evaluating how the existing security situation affects the Alliance’s safety and its approach. They will utilize NATO as a forum for extensive deliberations and close consultations regarding arms control initiatives.

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