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Putin ally dies falling from house window, latest in spate of mysterious Russian deaths.

A Russian lawmaker and President Vladimir Putin ally was found dead under mysterious circumstances Wednesday after falling from the third floor of his home, Russian state media has reported.

Vladimir Egorov, 46, who was a member of Putin’s ruling United Russia party, plunged 30 feet to his death at his home in the town of Tobolsk, located in the western Siberian region of Tyumen Oblast. Media outlet Baza reported on its Telegram channel that Egorov’s body was discovered Wednesday afternoon in the courtyard of a house, and that police are investigating what caused his death.

It is important to note that the cause of Egorov’s death is still under investigation, and no official statement has been released yet.

Russian news agency TASS also reported that Egorov had fallen to his death, citing an investigative department from the Tyumen region.

Different Sources reached out to Russia’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs to confirm the reports but did not immediately receive a response.

Different news channels, citing the 72-news outlet, reported that Egorov may have suffered from heart problems before the deadly fall.

Egorov, who was also a lawyer, was forced out of the city administration in 2016 following a corruption scandal for which he was not convicted, according to the New York Post. He then returned to the political fray.

Many other notable figures in Russia have died from falls since the beginning of the war with Ukraine.

In June, Kristina Baikova, a 28-year-old glamorous vice president of a Russian bank, fell from her 11th floor apartment, while in February, senior Russian military officer Marina Yankina plummeted 16 stories to her death in St Petersburg.

In September 2022, Ravil Maganov, the chairman of Russia’s Lukoil oil giant, died after falling from a sixth-floor hospital window in Moscow.

Meanwhile, in August, Wagner mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and several of his top lieutenants died when their jet crashed halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In May, Russia’s deputy science minister Pyotr Kucherenko, who had allegedly been a private critic of the invasion of Ukraine, died suddenly after falling seriously ill on a flight to Moscow.

In April, top energy boss Igor Shkurko was found dead in his prison cell after he was accused of taking a bribe.

According to Source, at least 20 Russians have died in mysterious circumstances since the war began last February. Here is a list of some of the prominent Russian figures who have died mysteriously:

Full List Of Deaths of Russian Oligarchs in 2022 – Russian Oligarchs

  1. Ravil Maganov: Chairman of Russia’s second-largest oil producer and biggest private oil company Lukoil.
  2. Yuri Voronov: Founder and general director of the Astra-Shipping transport and logistics company.
  3. Vladislav Avayev: Former Kremlin official and vice president of Gazprombank.
  4. Major General Vladimir Makarov: An officer who oversaw the Kremlin’s crackdown on anti-war protesters.
  5. Alexander Subbotin: A former top Lukoil executive.
  6. Sergei Protosenya: Former deputy chairman of gas company Novatek.
  7. Alexander Tyulyakov: A Gazprom executive.


Why are so many Russians dying mysteriously?

According to News Reports, since the beginning of 2022, multiple unusual deaths of Russian businesspeople or high officials, sometimes including their family members, have occurred under what some sources suggest were suspicious circumstances. At least 20 Russians have died in mysterious circumstances since the war began last February. The phenomenon has been called “Sudden Russian Death Syndrome” or “Sudden Oligarch Death Syndrome.” Some of the deaths may be connected to large-scale accounting fraud by Gazprom executives, who may have funneled money to a network of businesses owned by friends and family members with ties to the FSB and Russian military. However, the causes of these deaths are still under investigation, and no conclusions have been reached yet.

Who are some other Putin ally or allies?

That being said, here are some of the prominent Putin allies:

  1. Sergey Lavrov: He is the current Foreign Minister of Russia and has been serving in this position since 2004.
  2. Dmitry Medvedev: He served as the Prime Minister of Russia from 2012 to 2020 and was also the President of Russia from 2008 to 2012.
  3. Sergey Shoigu: He is the current Minister of Defense of Russia and has been serving in this position since 2012.

Source : Putin Ally Found Dead After Falling From Third-Floor Window: Reports

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