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Full List Of Deaths of Russian Oligarchs in 2022

Russian oligarchs are wealthy businessmen who amassed their wealth during the privatization of state-owned assets in the 1990s. In recent months, there have been a series of deaths of Russian oligarchs, raising questions about the potential reasons behind these deaths and their implications on the Russian economy and politics. It is important to understand the role of oligarchs in the Russian economy and the current state of Russian politics to fully comprehend the impact of these deaths.

The Role of Oligarchs in the Russian Economy

The Russian economy is heavily dependent on natural resources, particularly oil and gas. In the 1990s, the government privatized state-owned assets, allowing a small group of individuals to become extremely wealthy. These individuals, known as oligarchs, control a significant portion of the Russian economy, including energy, metals, and banking.

The impact of oligarchs on the Russian economy has been mixed. On one hand, they have invested heavily in infrastructure and helped to modernize the economy. On the other hand, their control over key industries has led to monopolies and corruption. The relationship between oligarchs and the government is complex, with many oligarchs having close ties to the Kremlin.

The Current State of Russian Politics

The Russian political system is dominated by President Vladimir Putin and his United Russia party. Putin has been in power since 2000 and has consolidated his control over the government and media. In recent years, there has been a crackdown on opposition and dissent, with many opposition leaders and journalists being imprisoned or forced into exile.

In 2020, Putin pushed through constitutional changes that allow him to remain in power until 2036. These changes also give him greater control over the judiciary and the ability to appoint key government officials.

How Many Russian Oligarchs Have Died in 2022?

Here is a list of all Russian oligarchs who have died in 2022 .

Deaths Of Russian Olgarchs in 2022

NameAge PositionDate Count of deathsPlace body was discoveredCircumstances
Leonid Shulman60Director of Transport of Gazprom30 January 20221Bathroom of a residence in Leningrad OblastSuicide note found next to his body
Igor Nosov43CEO of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (KRDV) and former Deputy governor of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast8 February 20221 MoscowReportedly suffered a stroke
Alexander Tyulakov61Deputy General Director of the Unified Settlement Center of Gazprom25 February 20221 Garage of a residence in Saint PetersburgSuicide note found on his body
Mikhail Watford66Businessman28 February 20221Garage of a residence in Surrey, EnglandBritish authorities have not found evidence of a crime
Vasily Melnikov43CEO and owner of Medstorm23 March 20224Apartment in Nizhny NovgorodWife and two sons found dead beside him
Vladislav Avayev51First Vice President of Gazprombank18 April 20223Apartment in MoscowWife and 13-year-old daughter found dead beside him
Sergey Protosenya55Former Deputy Chairman of Novatek.19 April 20223Garden of a residence in Lloret de Mar, SpainHanged from a handrail; wife and daughter found dead in their beds with blunt axe wounds and stab wounds
Andrei Krukovsky37General Director of the Estosadok Krasnaya Polyana, a ski resort owned by Gazprom[1 May 20221Below a cliff near the Achipse Fortress [ru] in SochiReportedly fell off a cliff while hiking to Achipse Fortress 
Alexander Subbotin43Board member of Lukoil8 May 20221Basement of a Jamaican shaman’s residence in MoscowReportedly died from a drug-induced heart attack during a shamanic ritual, though critics allege toad poison
Yuri Voronov61CEO of Astra Shipping, a subcontractor of Gazprom4 July 20221 Swimming pool of a residence in Leningrad OblastGunshot wounds to the head, pistol found next to his body
Dan Rapoport52Businessman14 August 20221 2400 M Street NW, Washington, D.C., United StatesFound in the street after an apparent fall from his high rise apartment building
Ravil Maganov67Chair of Lukoil1 September 20221 Below a window of the Kremlin Hospital, MoscowReportedly hospitalised for heart problems and depression, then “fell out of a window”
Ivan Pechorin39Director of Aviation of the Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (KRDV)10 September 20221On a beach in Beregovoy, Amur OblastDrowned at Cape Ignatyev, Vladivostok; body found washed up in Beregovoy two days later; allegedly fell from his boat
Vladimir Sungorkin 68Editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda14 September 20221 Roshchino , Khabarovsky District, Khabarovsk KraiReportedly suffered a stroke and suffocated while on the way to lunch
Anatoly Gerashchenko 72Former Head of the Moscow Aviation Institute21 September 20221 Stairway within the Moscow Aviation InstituteReportedly fell down a flight of stairs inside the institute
Pavel Pchelnikov52Director of Digital Logistics, a Russian Railways subsidiary28 September 20221On the balcony of an apartment in MoscowAllegedly shot himself on the balcony of his apartment
Nikolay Petrunin46Deputy of the State Duma12 October 20221 Unnamed hospital in MoscowAlleged complications of COVID-19
Nikolai Mushegian29Co-founder of MakerDAO, a cryptocurrency platform28 October 20221Ashford Beach, Condado, San Juan, Puerto RicoDrowned hours after tweeting.
Vyacheslav Taran53Co-founder of Libertex, a cryptocurrency and foreign exchange market company25 November 20221Villefranche-sur-Mer, French Riviera, FranceDied in helicopter crash after taking off from Switzerland
Vladimir Makei64Foreign Minister of Belarus (2012-2022)26 November 20221UnknownReported to have died four days after returning from a Collective Security Treaty Organization summit in Armenia accompanying representatives of Vladimir Putin. He was said by his friends to have been “painfully upset” by the collapse of the course he was leading.
Grigory Kochenov41Creative Director of Agima, an IT company7 December 20221 Volodarsky Street, Nizhny NovgorodReportedly fell to his death from his balcony while officials from the Investigative Committee executed a search warrant for his apartment
Dmitriy Zelenov50Co-founder of Donstroy, a construction company9 December 20221 Antibes, French Riviera, FranceReportedly felt ill and fell over a railing and hit his head, later died in hospital without regaining consciousness
Vladimir Bidenov61Business associate and travel companion of Pavel Antov22 December 20221Hotel Sai International, Rayagada, Odisha, IndiaDied of heart problems; two days later his close companion, Pavel Antov, also died at the same hotel under suspicious circumstances
Alexander Buzakov 66Director General of the Admiralty Shipyards24 December 20221 Saint PetersburgDied suddenly the day after he attended the float-out ceremony of the new Lada class submarine Velikie Luki. No explanation was given on the cause of death
Pavel Antov65Founder of Vladmirsky Standart, a meat processing company, and deputy (member) of the Legislative Assembly of Vladimir Oblast1Below a window of Hotel Sai International, Rayagada, Odisha, IndiaFell out of window from Hotel Sai International Another Russian colleague, Vladimir Bidenov, died in the same hotel two days prior.
Alexei Maslov69Former Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Ground Forces and special representative of Uralvagonzavod.1Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital, MoscowDied “unexpectedly” in a military hospital, no cause given.
Vladimir Nesterov73Engineer who was general director of the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center28 December 20221Unknown
Full List Of Deaths of Russian Oligarchs in 2022

Potential Reasons Behind the Deaths of Russian Oligarchs

There are several potential reasons behind the recent deaths of Russian oligarchs. One possibility is political motivations, with the Kremlin seeking to eliminate potential rivals or those who are seen as a threat to Putin’s regime. Another possibility is economic implications, with some oligarchs facing financial difficulties or being targeted by international sanctions. The role of organized crime cannot be ruled out, as some oligarchs have been known to have connections to criminal networks.

Implications of the Deaths of Russian Oligarchs

The deaths of Russian oligarchs could have significant implications for the Russian economy and politics. If the deaths are politically motivated, it could signal a further crackdown on opposition and dissent. The loss of key figures in the oligarch class could also lead to instability in the economy, particularly if their businesses are not able to continue operating at the same level.

The deaths could also have an impact on international relations, particularly if the deaths are linked to organized crime or if international sanctions are involved. The oligarch class has been a key player in Russia’s relations with the West, and any disruption to this relationship could have far-reaching consequences.


The recent deaths of Russian oligarchs have raised questions about the potential reasons behind these deaths and their implications on the Russian economy and politics. It is important to continue monitoring the situation and to understand the role of oligarchs in the Russian economy and the current state of Russian politics. The future of Russia’s economy and politics remains uncertain, and it is important to consider the potential impact of these deaths on the country’s future.

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