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Was Andrei Krukovsky ‘s Death a Suicide or a Murder on May 1 2022 ?

Andrei Krukovsky, the director of the Gazprom-owned Krasnaya Polyana ski resort, mysteriously fell off a cliff while hiking and died in May 2022.

The mountains of Sochi
The mountains of Sochi

The Mysterious Death of Andrei Krukovsky

Andrey Krukovsky, general director of the Krasnaya Polyana resort, died in the mountains of Sochi. This was announced on Sunday, May 1 ,2022 , in the press service of the resort.

The general director of the Krasnaya Polyana resort in the Krasnodar Territory, Andrei Krukovsky, died after reportedly “falling off a cliff” while hiking on the path to the Achipsinskaya fortress.

The Press Release stated

“The general director of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort Andrey Alekseevich Krukovsky died tragically. He has done a lot for the development of domestic tourism in Russia, having a unique expertise in the implementation of large-scale investment projects, in the development of ecological tourism and the hotel business. He managed to start projects for the creation of the Lagonaki eco-resort and the construction of a cable car to Mount Akhun. Andrei Alekseevich Krukovsky loved the mountains and found peace in them ”

The 37-year-old was taken to hospital and died of his injuries. The farewell will take place on May 3, 2022.

Career of Andrey Krukovsky

Andrei Krukovsky was born in 1984 in Moscow.

  • Andrey Krukovsky graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in 2006.
  • He was a doctor of economics.
  • In 2019, he completed the Executive Education program at London Business School.
  • He held managerial positions in private business from 2001 to 2014.
  • He started working at the Krasnaya Polyana resort in 2015 and became its director four years later.
  • Andrey Krukovsky has been in charge of the resort since 2019.

Krukovsky was a person who enjoyed snowboarding, skiing, and mountaineering. He had climbed Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, and Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

What Really Happened to the Russian Tycoon Who Fell Off a Cliff?

The Investigative Committee of Russia is investigating the death of a 37-year-old Andrei Krukovsky in Adler, Sochi. The investigator is gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to determine the cause of death. A forensic autopsy has been ordered. Once the investigation is complete, a decision will be made on how to proceed.

Theories Behind Krukovsky’s Death

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a secret ski lodge hidden high in the Caucasus Mountains near the village of Krasnaya Polyana, outside the resort city of Sochi. The lodge is officially owned by the Russian state-run energy giant Gazprom, but according to a report by NavalnyLive, it is actually Putin’s private ski retreat.

Vladimir Putin in Sochi At his Private Resort
Vladimir Putin in Sochi At his Private Resort

A major fire erupted at an airport in the Russian resort town of Sochi on Sept 2022.

The Conclusion of Krukovsky’s Death

The Russian term “mokroye delo” (wet affairs), or wetwork in the West, refers to assassination. Putin’s regime has embraced wetwork to an unprecedented extent since Stalin’s time. This symbolizes a national criminal mentality that goes beyond the realm of credibility. Some people will simply refuse to believe what has happened. The Russian phrase “wet job” can be traced back to at least the 19th century in Russian criminal slang (fenya, muzyka) and originally meant robbery that involved murder, i.e., spilling blood.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, there has been an increase in the number of deaths among people in the Kremlin’s inner circle. It is believed that the Kremlin is becoming increasingly frustrated with high-profile figures and their failures in the war.

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