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Russian Oligarch Vasily Melnikov , Owner of MedStom Found Dead on 23 March 2022 along with his Wife and his Two Children

Russian oligarch Vasily Melnikov found dead in mysterious circumstances. What happened?

On March 23 ,2022, Russian media reported that billionaire Vasily Melnikov, who owned the medical supply company MedStom , his wife, and their two sons were found dead in their luxury apartment in Nizhny Novgorod. They had all been stabbed, and the murder weapons Knifes were found at the scene.

Vasily Melnikov , Owner of MedStom Found Dead on 23 March 2022 along with his Wife and his Two Children

Russian Oligarch Vasily Melnikov Found Dead in Mysterious Circumstances

On March 23rd 2022, affluent Russian Oligarch Vasily Melnikov was found dead alongside his family in their upscale Moscow apartment. They’d all been stabbed to death: Vasily, his wife Galina, and their two sons aged 4 and 10 years old.

Vasily Melnikov and his family were found dead in an apartment on Minin Street on the morning of March 23 by their nanny.

The killings were brutal and tragic. In the crime scene photos one of the murder weapons can be seen. It’s a Russian Special Forces combat knife.

Investigators in Novgorod shared a photograph of a hunting knife that they believe was used to kill billionaire Vasily Melnikov and his family. There were reportedly no signs of forced entry or a struggle in the apartment.

Russian Special Forces combat knife used in Vasily Melnikov Murder
Russian Special Forces combat knife used in Vasily Melnikov Murder

What Happened to Vasily Melnikov?

On March 23, 2022, the bodies of a 43-year-old man, his 41-year-old wife, and their 10- and 4-year-old children were found in an apartment on Minin Street in Nizhny Novgorod.

Investigators from the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Nizhny Novgorod Region immediately went to the scene of the crime and opened a murder investigation under paragraph “a” of Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder of two or more persons).”

Lieutenant General of Justice A.S. Akhmetshin, head of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Nizhny Novgorod Region, went to the crime scene.

Investigators and forensic investigators from the regional investigative department of the Investigative Committee of Russia and operational police officers working at the scene of the incident disclosed the following findings.

  • No traces of outside interference or struggle were found in the Melnikovs’ apartment.
  • The children were found in the children’s room, the woman in the bedroom.
  • It feels like they were just sleeping.
  • The body of the head of the family was in the bathroom with a cut artery.
  • A post-mortem psychological and psychiatric examination will be ordered in the case.

The mother of the deceased Galina Melnikova,, arrived at the scene from her country house. The elderly woman was distraught and refused to speak . The police initially prevented her from entering the apartment where the investigation was underway.

Melnikov’s Death Comes Amid a Series of Suspicious Deaths of Russian Oligarchs

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of silencing his critics for many years. In 2017, USA TODAY and British journalist Sarah Hurst compiled a list of 38 high-profile Russians who had died under suspicious circumstances or were victims of unsolved murders since the beginning of 2014.

The list included:

  • 10 high-profile critics of Putin
  • 7 diplomats
  • 6 associates of Kremlin power brokers who had fallen out with them
  • 13 military or political leaders involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine

The causes of death varied, but many were violent:

  • 12 were shot, stabbed, or beaten to death
  • 6 were blown up
  • 1 died of mysterious head injuries
  • 1 reportedly slipped and hit his head in a public bath
  • 1 was hanged in his jail cell
  • 1 died after drinking coffee
  • The cause of death of 6 people was reported as unknown

This list is just a small sample of the many Russians who have died under suspicious circumstances in recent years. It is a reminder of the dangers of criticizing Putin and his regime.

The 2022 list shows a significant increase in the number of sudden deaths, with fewer shootings and more strange accidents.

Was Melnikov Murdered?

A neighbor and a friend of the deceased’s mother said that the Melnikov family was exemplary and non-conflictual. They never heard any arguments and quarrels from their house, ruling out the possibility that the Russian Oligarch Vasily Melnikov killed his family and later killed himself.

However, one of the residents described the businessman as a reserved person with an alleged criminal past.

If So, Who Killed Him and Why?

John O’Neill ,the author of a new book, “The Dancer and the Devil: Stalin, Pavlova, and the Road to the Great Pandemic,” Putin is only following Joseph Stalin’s playbook.

Theories Behind Melnikov’s Death

What we’re seeing now are classic Soviet-era tactics,” John O’Neill told The Post. “Stalin had to devise a way of disposing of people discreetly. And he figured out a way back in 1921 when he created Laboratory One, which was basically a bioweapon lab with a tunnel connecting it directly to the headquarters of the KGB.”

Russia’s fearsome Unit 29155, the black-ops outfit that’s part of Russia’s vast military intelligence agency, the GRU, are believed to be the hidden hands behind the staged murder-suicides and poisonings, O’Neill said.

“It’s the whole Mafia deal of delivering a message,” O’Neill said of Unit 29155’s tactics. “They want people to know they’ll murder them. It’s a lesson — the same as the mob guy who wipes out the barber in Brooklyn and sends flowers to the funeral. Putin will probably send flowers to the funerals of these two oligarchs.”

John O’Neill

What Melnikov’s Death Means for Russia

The term “mokroye delo” (wet work) is a Russian euphemism for assassination. It is often used to describe the targeted killing of political opponents, business rivals, or other individuals who are deemed to be a threat to a powerful person or organization.

Wet work is often carried out by professional assassins who are skilled in the use of firearms, explosives, and other deadly weapons. It can be a very dangerous and secretive business, and the assassins often take great care to avoid detection.

There are many reasons why someone might order a wet work assassination. Sometimes, the goal is to send a message to others that they should not cross a certain line. Other times, the goal is to simply remove a troublesome individual who is standing in the way of someone’s plans.

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