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Controversies and Sanctions Imposed On Legendary Alexey Krapivin 2022

Alexey Krapivin : Official owner of the 1520 group

Alexey Krapivin, a Russian Oligarch, has faced sanctions and controversies related to alleged financial misconduct. Accused of using shell companies to move significant funds, Krapivin is associated with the Russian Laundromat scandal, a large-scale money laundering scheme. Sanctions have been imposed on him, impacting his assets and business connections.

Who is Alexey Krapivin?

Alexey Krapivin, a Russian oligarch known for his controversial reputation, has gained significant attention and influence on the global business stage, thanks to his substantial wealth and influential role across various industries.

Aleksey Andreevich Krapivin is the founder of Soiuz Tekstilnykh Kompanii LLC. Additionally, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Group Co. 1520 OOO and holds the position of General Director at Girasol OOO. With a notable presence in the corporate landscape, he is a board member of six other companies.

Mr. Krapivin earned his undergraduate degree from the Financial University.

Overview of Controversies

Alexey Krapivin, a Russian oligarch, has faced numerous controversies, including allegations of unauthorized use of a Scottish law firm’s address. His journey to wealth has been shadowed by persistent controversy and rumors.

What is the controversy surrounding Alexey Krapivin’s use of a Scottish law firm’s address?

The controversy surrounding Alexey Krapivin centers on allegations of unauthorized use of the address of the Scottish corporate law firm Burness Paull. Krapivin is Personal Sanctions Tracker | War and Sanctions (, a Scottish limited partnership (SLP), formally registered at the offices of Burness Paull in Lothian Square.

The law firm asserts that Krapivin persisted in using its address even after the company mailbox service was terminated in 2018 due to a multi-million-dollar bribery scandal. This has prompted concerns about the potential misuse of the law firm’s prestigious address for unauthorized purposes. Krapivin’s connection to the SLP and the allegations against him have brought law firms under scrutiny regarding their measures against money laundering activities.

The accusations underscore the necessity for increased scrutiny and anti-money laundering measures within the legal sector. Burness Paull has vehemently denied any collaboration with Krapivin and affirmed that the shell company is “categorically not authorized to use” its Edinburgh address.

Sanctions imposed on Alexey Krapivin

Name in sanctions lists

КРАПІВІН Олексій Андрійович
КРАПИВИН Алексей Андреевич
KRAPIVIN Aleksei Andreevich

Alexey Krapivin, a Russian oligarch, has encountered various sanctions and controversies linked to his business engagements and affiliations. Some notable instances include:

Unauthorized Use of a Prestigious Address

Accusations have emerged that Alexey Krapivin inappropriately utilized the address of the Scottish corporate law firm Burness Paull. This has raised concerns about the potential misuse of the law firm’s esteemed address for dubious purposes.

Deals with State-Owned Railway Operator

Krapivin faces allegations of employing a network of shell companies to transfer billions of dollars out of Russia’s state-owned railway operator.

Sanctions imposed on Alexey Krapivin

Involvement in Panama Papers

Krapivin’s name surfaced in the Panama Papers, an extensive document leak exposing his offshore empire. His family’s significant role in Russian Railways since 2005, particularly during Yakunin’s tenure, was revealed.

Forbes List Controversy

Despite an estimated fortune of $800 million, Krapivin’s ascent to wealth has been overshadowed by controversy and rumors. His inclusion in the Forbes list serves as both a testament to his financial acumen and a reminder of the controversies surrounding him.

Family Connections and Banking Controversies

Andrey Krapivin, Alexey’s father, played a pivotal role in cooperation with the Capital Commercial Bank, where he became a shareholder. A conflict with another co-owner, German Gorbuntsov, surfaced, resulting in the closure of VIP clients’ accounts and allegations of asset misappropriation.

Legal Issues

In terms of legal matters, Alexey Krapivin has maintained a commendable record, steering clear of significant legal entanglements. He consistently upholds ethical standards, adhering to all relevant laws and regulations governing his profession. This commitment to legality has played a crucial role in establishing his reputation as a trustworthy and responsible individual.

It’s important to highlight that while there are no notable controversies or legal issues directly associated with Alexey Krapivin, it’s crucial to acknowledge that public figures may sometimes encounter unwarranted rumors or false accusations. However, based on the available information, there is no evidence supporting any such incidents involving Alexey Krapivin.

This commitment to legal compliance not only reinforces his professional standing but also enhances communication between him and others. It is a testament to his dedication to ethical conduct, contributing to a positive image in the public eye.

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