Vladimir Putin has a black heart for these women

Regarding the women in his life, Vladimir Putin is renowned for keeping things private. But all of his baby momma and ex-mistresses are coming to light thanks to Western sanctions; they are living opulent lives in the West, paid for with money pilfered from the Russian people.

Listed below are the romantic interests of the belligerent:

Lyudmila Shkrebneva

Lyudmila Shkrebneva

In 1983, Putin and this Russian flight attendant got married. When Putin initially took office in 2000, she was formally recognized as the nation’s “first lady,” but by then, they had already started living apart.

Their two daughters, Katerina Tikhonova, 35, a former competitive dancer who oversees an artificial intelligence program at Moscow State University, and Maria Putina, 36, who goes by the surname Vorontsova and is a co-owner of the healthcare investment firm Nomenko, are currently listed as sanctioned individuals.

Maria was residing in opulence in the Netherlands and was in a romantic relationship with Jorrit Faasen, a Dutch national, who held a lucrative position associated with Russia’s oil and gas industry. However, after Russia downed a Malaysia Airlines flight in 2014, which claimed 298 lives, including 193 Dutch people, they were kicked out and had to return to Russia.

While this was going on, Katerina got married to Kirill Shamalov in 2013, who went on to become the youngest billionaire in Russia and sits on the board and owns a portion of the Sibur oil and petrochemical company. 2018 saw their divorce.

In contrast, Lyudmila and Putin separated in 2014. Since then, she moved to the South of France and got married again. The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project states that her new spouse, Artur Ocheretny, is twenty-one years her junior.

Additionally, according to sources, her spouse is a GRU military official assigned to watch over her while she works on initiatives “promoting Russian language and culture” under the direction of the so-called Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications.

Svetlana Krivonogikh

Svetlana Krivonogikh

Putin supposedly had a “lovechild” in 2003 with this housekeeper who later became a mistress and worked at one of his opulent compounds.

Krivonogikh currently resides in Monaco with her 19-year-old daughter Luiza Rozova, also known as Elizaveta Krivonogikh, in a $4.1 million apartment purchased by an unidentified offshore company that was made public in the fall of the Pandora Papers.

Rozova resembles Putin quite a bit. Following her outing by the Russian website Proekt in 2020, Rozova’s social media following grew to 85,000.

Rozova shared pictures of her opulent lifestyle on social media. In contrast, her mother is rumored to own a $95 million business empire and a yacht in St. Petersburg that is escorted by a naval escort.

In fact, Bank Rossiya, one of Russia’s biggest private banks, which was established in the 1990s with funding from the Communist Party, is rumored to be co-owned by her. Following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Rozova’s social media presence was eliminated due to the deluge of anti-war remarks left on her Instagram page by users criticizing the teen and her father, a war criminal.

The Russian website Proekt, whose name translates to “Project,” was shut down, its reporters labeled “foreign agents,” and a libel investigation was started. After being forced to flee, the founder, Roman Badanin, is now a Stanford University professor.

Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva

It is thought that Putin later married this Olympic gymnast, with whom he had four children, two boys, and two twin girls, all born in Switzerland.

According to sources, Kabaeva was a Muslim who converted to Russian Orthodoxy for Putin.

Kabaeva, dubbed Putin’s “Eva Braun,” is thought to reside in Switzerland with her kids. She is apparently being urged by friends to use her power to put an end to the war.

Victoria Lopyreva

This purported mistress is a Russian TV personality who was crowned Miss Russia in 2003. By 2018, she had also taken on the roles of director of the Miss Russia pageant and official FIFA World Cup ambassador.

She is supposedly now dating Igor Bularov, a Russian.

Thomas Firestone, a sanctions expert and partner at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan who formerly served as resident legal adviser to the US Embassy in Moscow, said of the sanctions, “They appear designed to increase pressure on Putin personally by embarrassing him because he has tried so hard to keep his daughters out of the spotlight and also because there is reason to believe that they are holding his wealth.” “I believe it might also be intended as a warning to him about the nature of the information the US and NATO possess about his private life and are willing to utilize.”

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