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Arkady Rotenberg Assets : Luxe Jet, Mansion, Yacht & Italian Properties of  $40 million

The Rotenberg Files exposed some of the Arkady Rotenberg Assets. The property at Austrian ski town of Kitzbühel was also mentioned in the same.

Overview of Arkady Rotenberg

Arkady Rotenberg, a prominent Russian entrepreneur born on December 15, 1951, in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), boasts considerable wealth and ties to President Vladimir Putin. Together with his brother Boris Rotenberg, he co-owned Stroygazmontazh (S.G.M. Group), Russia’s leading company for gas pipelines and power supply lines. As of 2023, his estimated wealth stood at $3.5 billion.

Despite facing sanctions from the United States since 2014 due to the Russian annexation of Crimea, Rotenberg remains known for his opulent lifestyle. Arkady Rotenberg Assets include a private jet, a UK mansion, a yacht, and properties in Italy. Notably, he shares a close friendship and business partnership with President Putin, dating back to their childhood, where they even sparred together in judo.

Rotenberg’s diverse ventures and personal connections underscore his influence in both the business and political spheres.

Diverse Portfolio of Arkady Rotenberg Assets

Mansion in the UK

Arkady Rotenberg, the Russian billionaire, owns Upper Ribsden, a lavish mansion in Surrey, England. Built in 1862, the mansion boasts doric columns and a balustraded exterior. Nestled on a vast estate, it became a point of contention with Rotenberg’s ex-wife, Natalia, after their 2013 divorce. Acquired for $44 million in 2012 through Ravendark Holdings Limited in the British Virgin Islands, property records confirm it remains under the ownership of the same entity.

Mansion in the UK
Mansion in the UK

The mansion stands out for its opulent amenities, including a sizable swimming pool, a tennis court, and a home cinema.

Upper Ribsden is just one of Rotenberg’s portfolio of luxury properties, which includes a private jet, a yacht, and real estate holdings in Italy.

Luxurious Yacht: Rahil

Rotenberg also owns a luxurious yacht named Rahil. The yacht was originally named Nataly after his wife Natalia, but after their divorce in 2013, the name was changed to Rahil. Up to 14 guests and 16 crew members can board the superyacht, which Redman Whiteley Dixon designed.

Luxurious Yacht: Rahil
Luxurious Yacht: Rahil

The two Caterpillar engines that power it have a top speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots. With a range of 5,000 nautical miles, Rahil is perfect for long-range cruising and unforgettable voyages.

Private Jet

Arkady Rotenberg possesses the opulent Bombardier Global 6000, a private jet with a reported valuation ranging from US$35.00 to US$62.30 million for the 2019–2023 models, as per AvBuyer. Crafted for ultra-long-range journeys, this jet prioritizes comfort and amenities.

Private Jet
Private Jet

Boasting a capacious three-zone cabin, it comfortably accommodates up to 13 passengers. It has a remarkable 5,000-nautical-mile range and two Rolls-Royce engines, making it perfect for lengthy travel. The average listed price for a Global 6000 is approximately $32,800,000.

Properties in Italy

Arkady Rotenberg’s opulent real estate collection in Italy boasts several lavish properties. As per search findings, his ownership extends to the following Italian locations:

  1. Costa Smeralda, Sardinia:
    • Rotenberg possesses two villas in the upscale Costa Smeralda.
  2. Southern Sardinia:
    • A villa and an apartment in southern Sardinia are also part of his impressive holdings.
  3. Tarquinia:
    • Nestled in the elevated town of Tarquinia, north of Rome, is another villa owned by Rotenberg.
  4. Rome:
    • In the heart of Rome, proximate to the Spanish Steps, he holds ownership of the Berg Luxury Hotel, a distinguished 4-star establishment.

These properties, valued at $40 million in 2014, are reportedly under the umbrella of Cyprus-based Olpon Investments Limited.

It’s noteworthy that in September 2014, Italy exercised its authority, seizing €30 million worth of Rotenberg’s real estate, including the aforementioned properties in Sardinia, Tarquinia, and the Rome hotel.

What is the estimated value of the villa and apartment in southern sardinia owned by Arcady Rotenberg?

The search results do not explicitly state the estimated value of Arkady Rotenberg’s villa and apartment in southern Sardinia. However, in 2014, Italian authorities seized approximately $40 million worth of property from Rotenberg.

This included four villas in Sardinia and Tarquinia, as well as a hotel in Rome. Furthermore, the villa in southern Sardinia was initially valued at €10.8 million.

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