Babai: A Russian militant killed on Zaporizhzhia front Ukraine

Well-known Russian militant Babai killed on Zaporizhzhia front

Babai, a Russian Militant, actively participated in the conflict against Ukraine, which had endured for over 600 days. Tragically, his life came to an end on the Zaporizhzhia front on October 18, 2023. He gained notoriety for his distinctive fur hat, and his firearm, as well as for promoting prejudiced and homophobic beliefs. Furthermore, he played a significant role in the annexation of Crimea and the seizure of Slovyansk in 2014. He was widely recognized as one of the most infamous individuals backing Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine.

Babai: A Russian militant
Babai: A Russian militant

Mozayev, hailing from Belorechensk in the Krasnodar Krai of the Russian Federation, reached the age of 46. Mozhayev’s presence in the spotlight emerged in 2014, coinciding with Russia’s annexation of Crimea in Ukraine.

He also mentioned that he arrived in Ukraine in 2014, initially in Crimea and later in Donbas.

The insurgent asserted that his decision to join the conflict in Ukraine stemmed from various factors, notably including allegations of “knife-based attempted murder” in Russia and being pursued for reportedly declining to pay a bribe.

 Russian militant
Russian militant

He stated that he had supposedly been compelled to escape to the peninsula on March 7th, during the peak of Russia’s invasion of Crimea, to avoid arrest.

He played a crucial role in supporting the defense of the Ukrainian military base in Bakhchysarai and also participated in the protection of the television tower in Crimea alongside the Cossacks from the Wolves’ Hundred.

Babai Russian militant mentioned that he had been a part of the Russian military, but he concluded his service in the mid-1990s.

 Russian militant killed on Zaporizhzhia front
Russian militant killed on Zaporizhzhia front

In 2014, he and a group led by the terrorist Igor Girkin seized control of Slovyansk.

Girkin declared that in 2014, a significant number of Cossacks, among them Babai, Russian militant had abandoned the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

In the autumn of 2014, it was documented that Mozhayev was searching for additional fighters in Simferopol to support the forces in Donbas.

In 2015, Mozayev stated that he arrived in Donbas in September 2014, but he had to depart before New Year’s Eve due to pressure from the Cossacks, who urged him to leave and warned that if he wanted to stay alive, he should go. Simultaneously, he expressed his intention to revisit Donbas with the aim of joining the insurgents.


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