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Former CIA Russia chief asserted that Putin’s conviction that the US would lose its resolve and cease supporting Ukraine is being vindicated.

  • Steve Hall, former CIA chief of Russia operations, believes Vladimir Putin’s predictions are coming true.
  • Putin had forecasted that the US would cease its support for Ukraine.
  • Although Ukraine aid was approved by the Senate recently, its passage in the House is uncertain.

According to Steve Hall, former CIA chief of Russia operations, Vladimir Putin’s forecast that the US would falter in its support for Ukraine is being validated. Despite the recent passage of Ukraine aid in the Senate earlier this month, its fate in the House remains uncertain.

In an interview with CNN published online Sunday, Steve Hall remarked, “This has been a very good couple of weeks for Vladimir Putin.” Hall observed that Putin’s demeanor and actions reflect this sentiment.

Hall highlighted that Putin is now able to assert to his inner circle, particularly those who were initially skeptical of his Ukraine strategy, that he was correct. “Initially, he was essentially saying, ‘Look, over the long run if we hold in there, the West and the US specifically will lose focus. They’ll lose their nerve. They will stop supporting Ukraine one way or another; just have patience,'” Hall explained to CNN.

“Now, two years later, he can say, ‘Look, the patience is beginning to pay off,'” Hall added. “It’s up to the West again to show him that he’s wrong.”

Recent weeks have seen Russia achieve several military victories in Ukraine, while the future of US aid to Ukraine remains uncertain.

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President Joe Biden’s administration is pushing Congress to approve additional aid for Ukraine. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan emphasized the importance of passing Ukraine aid, warning on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that failing to do so would align with “an outcome that Vladimir Putin would love to see, which is the United States not stepping up to its responsibility.”

Sullivan reiterated to CNN that “the reality is that Putin gains every day that Ukraine does not get the resources it needs, and Ukraine suffers.”

In urging the House, under Republican Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership, to pass the Ukraine aid package, Sullivan pointed out that it had garnered bipartisan support in the Senate. The $95 billion emergency defense aid bill encompasses support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.


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