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Biography of Ivan Streshinsky: Journey with Wife Natalya Revealed 2023

Introduction to the Biography of Ivan Streshinsky

Born on October 2, 1969, in Kyiv, Ivan Yakovlevich Streshinsky is a prominent figure in the business world, often recognized online under the alias Vladimir. The biography of Ivan Streshinsky delves into his life, career, and the principles that have fueled his success.

Early Years and Academic Pursuits
Ivan attended a math-oriented school, later enrolling at MIPT’s Faculty of Aeromechanics and Aircraft Engineering. He set the stage for a successful career by graduating with honors in 1992.

Professional Ascension at Perm Motors
From 1992 to 1994, Ivan worked at Perm Motors, swiftly climbing the career ladder and eventually securing a seat on the board of directors.

Coalco Group: A 14-Year Stint
In 1994, Streshinsky joined Vasily Anisimov’s Coalco Group, where he spent 14 years, culminating in his role as CEO. Notable achievements include acquiring the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter and overseeing Anisimov’s stake sale in Rusal to Oleg Deripaska.

Collaboration with Alisher Usmanov
In 2006, Ivan forged ties with billionaire Alisher Usmanov, taking the helm at Gazmetall (later Metalloinvest). Here, he played a pivotal role in consolidating Usmanov’s metallurgical assets.

Leadership at Telecom invest
Heading Telecominvest in 2008, Streshinsky oversaw the amalgamation of Usmanov’s assets within the media sector. This period marked significant transactions, including the restructuring of Corus and strategic investments in various companies like Apple, Facebook, Xiaomi, Alibaba, and Megafon.

USM Holding and Continued Success
In 2012, Usmanov consolidated his diverse assets into USM Holding, appointing Ivan Streshinsky as CEO. Notably, Streshinsky became a 3% shareholder in 2018. This move secured his place on Forbes Russia’s list of highest-paid managers and Forbes’ ranking of the 200 richest Russian entrepreneurs.

Philosophy of Success
Streshinsky attributes his success to continual self-improvement, a commitment to learning, and an unwavering desire to expand his professional skills.

Name in sanctions lists
СТРЕШИНСЬКИЙ Володимир/Іван Якович
СТРЕШИНСКИЙ Владимир / Иван Яковлевич
STRESHINSKIY Vladimir / Ivan Yakovlevich

“Don’t limit yourself to your narrow specialization, don’t set limits for yourself, develop, try new things. It is only at the intersection of knowledge that the best solutions are born.”

Early Life and Education

He studied at a school with a mathematical bias and, having received a certificate, without any problems entered the MIPT at the Faculty of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Physics, from which he graduated with honors in 1992.
After college, from 1992 to 1994, Ivan Yakovlevich worked at the Perm Motors company, where in the first years he was able to secure career growth and even take a place on the board of directors.

In 1994, Streshinsky got a job at Vasily Anisimov’s Coalco Group, where he worked for 14 years, rising to the position of general director of the company. Among his achievements in this post are the acquisition of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter from Badri Patarkatsishvili and the sale of Anisimov’s share in Rusal to Oleg Deripaska.

He began collaborating with the famous billionaire Alisher Usmanov in 2006, taking the position of General Director at Gazmetall (later Metalloinvest). In this position, Streshinsky was involved in the consolidation of the businessman’s metallurgical assets.

In 2008, Ivan Streshinsky headed the Telecominvest company, which at that time combined Usmanov’s assets in the media sector.

Supported major transactions in Usmanov’s successful investment history: the restructuring of the Anglo-Dutch steel company Corus, the acquisition of shares of the Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant, shares of Apple and Facebook (through Yuri Milner’s DST fund), Xiaomi, Alibaba, Megafon, VKontakte, etc.
In 2012, Usmanov combined all his assets, including the telecom giant Megafon, the leading mining holding Metalloinvest, the Udokan Copper company, which owns the right to develop one of the world’s largest copper deposits, shares of Mailru Group, as well as the AliExpress Russia company, into the USM holding.

Ivan Streshinsky headed the company as CEO, and in 2018 became a shareholder of the holding (owns 3% of shares).

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Ivan Streshinsky embarked on his professional journey at Perm Motors, serving on the board of directors from 1993 to 1994. In 1994, he engaged in an international development project with Coalco. Transitioning to ZAO Gazmetall in 2006, he took on the dual role of CEO at Metalloinvest.

Streshinsky’s career stands out for his adept leadership and business prowess, pivotal to the success of his investments. Notably, he collaborated with influential figures like Alisher Usmanov. Throughout his career, Streshinsky demonstrated the ability to effectively manage diverse responsibilities, leaving a lasting impact on the companies he was associated with.

Key business ventures and successes

As the Chairman of Metalloinvest’s Board of Directors, Ivan Streshinsky has played a crucial role in the company’s accomplishments, notably the successful ‘Idea for a Million’ corporate innovation competition. Streshinsky’s leadership and business expertise have been key to the success of his invested companies, earning him recognition as one of Russia’s wealthiest individuals.

Moreover, his philanthropic endeavors through USM Holdings have supported diverse charitable programs, educational initiatives, disaster relief, and environmental protection efforts. Streshinsky’s multifaceted contributions underscore his substantial impact and success in both the business world and society.

Family chart of Ivan Streshinsky

Family Details:

  • Vladimir “Ivan” Streshinsky: Israeli citizen, born 10/02/1969, with the last name סטרשינסקי (Streshinsky) on his passport.
  • Son Vasily Vladimirovich: Born 06/06/1997, with the last name סטרשינסקי (Streshinsky) and the name וסילי (Vasily).
  • Father Yakov Romanovich (Rumanovich): Born 01/31/1937, with the last name סטרשינסקי (Streshinsky) and the name יעקב (Yakov).
  • Mother Larisa Ivanovna: Born March 29, 1940, with the last name סטרשינסקי (Streshinsky), previously בלוצרקובסקי (Blotzrkovsky), and the name לריסה (Larisa).
  • Daughter Anastasia Vladimirovna: Born 07/03/1995, with the last name סטרשינסקי (Streshinsky) and the name אנסטסיה (Anastasia).
  • Mother of children Varvara Yurievna: Born December 17, 1967, with the last name סטרשינסקי (Streshinsky) and the name ברברה (Varvara).
  • Brother Dmitry Vladimirovich: Born September 14, 1962, with the last name סטרשינצקי (Streshinsky) and the name דמיטרי (Dmitry).
  • Brother’s wife Suzanna Viktorovna: Born 03/06/1966, with the last name סטרשינצקי (Streshinsky), previously קןסיצקינה (Kansitskina), and the name סוזנה (Suzanna).
  • Niece Lilian Goy: Born 02/10/2002 in France, with the last name סטרשינצקי (Streshinsky) and the name לילני גוי (Lilian Goy).

What is the real name of Ivan Streshinsky?

According to the top manager, the naming confusion stemmed from prolonged disagreements among the parents and grandfather. Eventually, they settled on the name Ivan. However, when documenting the boy’s birth, they mistakenly recorded him as Vladimir. At that time, official name changes were not allowed until the age of 18, leading to Ivan Streshinsky still having Vladimir in his passport.

Marriage to Natalya Streshinskaya, Second Wife

Ivan Streshinsky is a prominent figure, but his spouse’s name may not be widely recognized in Russia. While Ivan enjoys a lavish lifestyle as a businessman, his wife has carved a niche for herself on the internet. She stands out as one of the most renowned bloggers today, known online by the pseudonym “Tetyamotya.” Finding her under her real name, Natalya Davydova, on Instagram might prove challenging.

Natalya’s popularity soared even higher after her marriage to Ivan Streshinsky, drawing increased attention to their personal life. This heightened visibility led to the circulation of various rumors, some of which contained inaccurate information about Natalya’s marital status. For instance, some sources wrongly claim that Natalya is married to a French billionaire named Davydova.

It’s essential to navigate through the misinformation and understand the true dynamics of Ivan Streshinsky’s personal life and the fame that surrounds his wife, Natalya Davydova, aka Tetyamotya.

Successful Marriage

Despite circulating misinformation regarding her husband, it is confirmed that Natalya Davydova is married to Ivan Streshinsky. The couple expresses genuine happiness in their marriage. Rumors about a connection to a French billionaire may have surfaced following the Streshinsky family’s acquisition of an old castle in France. Similar to Ivan Streshinsky, Natalya regards their initial meeting as a pivotal life event. Furthermore, she holds their wedding in high esteem.

Acquaintance: Opposite Versions of Ivan and Nataliya

Ivan Streshinsky and his wife first crossed paths during a shared vacation with mutual friends. Natalia Davydova, an educator in Russian language and literature by profession, was, at the time, involved in the modeling industry. Despite differing views on who should initiate the first date, Ivan Yakovlevich and Natalya connected. Contrary to Natalya’s initial doubt, Ivan eventually made the call after a week of anticipation. Since that moment, Ivan and Natalya have enjoyed many years of marital bliss.

The happy life of Streshinskys

Ivan’s wife is currently not employed, as she has dedicated her time to the upbringing of their two sons, Ivan and Dmitry. The age gap between the brothers is two years. Natalia, Ivan’s wife, shares glimpses of their family life on her Instagram account, where she has a dedicated section for her sons.

Natalia Davydova, in her blog, openly discusses various aspects of raising her sons, inviting women to join the conversation. She respects diverse opinions on the crucial matter of childrearing. Alongside her sons, Natalia and Ivan have a daughter named Lyudmila, affectionately called “dear” by her parents.

Despite Ivan’s stable financial status, Natalia maintains humility on her social media, never diminishing the worth of individuals with less material wealth. She remains grounded, acknowledging her roots. This down-to-earth perspective enables her to engage genuinely with a diverse audience, sharing advice, and recommendations, and exchanging opinions on a wide range of topics.

Natalia’s ability to seamlessly blend sophistication with simplicity makes her an excellent conversationalist. Ivan Yakovlevich takes great pleasure in seeing his wife discover her calling, providing support in every possible way.

The rock band ISB, created by Streshinsky, released its first album Runaway in 2020; the songs were written by his eldest daughter’s boyfriend Oscar Neidhart

More about Natalia

Natalya’s seemingly glamorous lifestyle owes much to her husband, Ivan Streshinsky, a Russian oligarch and close associate of Alisher Usmanov, Farhad Moshiri, and Andrey Skoch. Ivan has held leadership roles in prominent companies such as Group and Megafon and previously headed Coalco, Gazmetall, and Telecominvest. In 2012, he took charge of USM Advisors. In 2012, the couple exchanged vows in Paris at Natalya’s urging.

The former model and entrepreneur, now a mother of three—sons Vanya and Dima, and daughter Mila – underwent a transformation after Mila’s birth. Recognizing a need for a healthier lifestyle, she enlisted a personal trainer for six weekly sessions and implemented a family-wide shift to adjusted nutrition, eliminating sugar, gluten, and other perceived “harmful” elements. Natalya, at a height of 178 cm, now maintains a weight of around 60 kg.

However, this lifestyle change sparked rumors, with skeptics suggesting that such a figure after breastfeeding three children and with considerable muscle mass could only be achieved through plastic surgery. Ivan and Natalya, though, vehemently deny such claims, with Ivan emphasizing the importance of family happiness.

His wife, Natalya Davydova, is a well-known Russian fitness blogger .

In 2014, the family made headlines by acquiring a French estate named Marienthal, colloquially referred to as a castle. Despite its grandeur, some argue it’s more accurately described as a large, old house. The purchase fueled speculations about the couple’s relationship, with rumors suggesting that Natalya gained ownership through her marriage to a French billionaire. Ivan has consistently dismissed such rumors, reiterating that family happiness remains his most cherished possession.

Natalya, with the assistance of professional designers, curated the castle’s luxurious interiors. Infusing humor reminiscent of her Instagram account, the office is adorned with “portraits” of the owners – a couple of ostriches in formal wear. The family’s pet, the Spitz Donut, occasionally joins Natalya and the children in photos. Additionally, Natalya revealed in an interview with Tatler that the family cat, Pipita, resides in the garden near their French abode.

In essence, the Streshinsky family’s journey encompasses business triumphs, health-conscious transformations, and acquisitions that have invited both admiration and speculation. Throughout it all, they remain steadfast in their commitment to family happiness, debunking rumors and embracing a life that balances opulence with a touch of humor.

Love, Marriage, and Blended Families: Natalya and Streshinsky’s Journey in Moscow

In 2005, Natalya and Streshinsky’s paths crossed at a Moscow party, marking the beginning of a love story that led to marriage. Natalya, a recent transplant from Smolensk and a model featured in clothing catalogs, quickly found herself drawn to Streshinsky. Their cinematic connection over The Lord of the Rings set the stage for a whirlwind romance, culminating in marriage—Streshinsky’s second.

A Family Unfolds: Streshinsky’s Extended Family in the United States

Davydova and Streshinsky tied the knot, marking his second marriage. His daughter from his first wife is currently a student at Columbia University in New York, while his son is working within USM structures, where they both share a professional connection.

With Natalya, he has three more children – Ivan, Dmitry, and Mila. After the birth of her third child, Natalya decided to get in shape and became seriously involved in sports and its promotion. She launched the #Pressuitelo online marathon, wrote several books, created the Welps fitness application, and hosted the “Battle for the Body” show on the U TV channel.

The “Yu” channel belongs to Streshinsky

The ownership of the “Yu” channel by Streshinsky’s long-time acquaintance, Tavrin, is coincidental. Natalya reveals that the idea to launch the program came from her friend, Tavrin’s sister, Ksenia. Natalya emphasizes that she strictly prohibits her husband from using any “administrative resources” to boost her career. Working on equal terms with her team, she is mindful of expenses, opting for economy-class flights when necessary. In a virtual interview with Forbes from a three-star hotel in Serbia, Natalya sheds light on her approach.

While Ivan supports Natalya, he does so subtly, leveraging word of mouth. Under Aunt Motya’s guidance, Ivan underwent a notable transformation, losing 40 kg and becoming a dedicated student of his wife’s teachings. In Moscow, the couple rents a townhouse; they also own properties, including a house in the Moscow region, a villa on the Cote d’Azur, and a castle near Versailles. The opulent estate, previously owned by the Wildenstein family of French art collectors, boasts antiques and marble. Their eldest son, Vanya, who aspires to be a professional musician and credits his passion to his father’s genes, plays a grand piano and has ostriches dressed in medieval garb decorating the castle in place of conventional portraits.

Music holds a special place in Streshinsky’s heart. In 2020, his rock band ISB, which released its debut album “Runaway,” was a testament to his deep musical passion. Oscar Neidhart, Streshinsky’s eldest daughter’s boyfriend, wrote the songs for the album. Streshinsky gifted the album to Natalya on her birthday, appointing her as the general producer of the group. Natalya, expressing her desire for Ivan to drive a cool car befitting a rock star, shared, “Well, that’s right, with such and such a woman!” underscoring the influence of their dynamic partnership.

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