Elsina Khayrova’s Revenge Unleashes Scandal for Tom Cruise in 2024

Tom Cruise decided to end things with Elsina Khayrova after a brief two months of dating.

According to a source, there is a possibility that Tom Cruise may face reports about his previous romantic involvements and involvement with Scientology, as Elsina Khayrova, his former partner for a brief period of time, prepares to take revenge on the actor.

Elsina Khayrova's Revenge Unleashes Scandal for Tom Cruise
Elsina Khayrova’s Revenge Unleashes Scandal for Tom Cruise

Elsina Khayrova’s Revenge ?

According to reports, the Russian socialite is displeased with the fact that their relationship ended after her ex-husband, Russian oligarch Dmitry Tsvetkov, started commenting on it.

According to Tsvetkov, regardless of the person she is with, whether it be Tom Cruise or someone else, they should be informed that she has a preference for luxurious and costly things in life. This was mentioned in an interview.

According to the source, Tom broke off his relationship with the socialite after just two months, despite her fulfilling all of his requirements. Now, Khayrova is prepared to reveal everything he confided in her about his personal matters.

The informant informed the National Enquirer that she abided by all of Tom’s requests and was cautious in handling their connection, never pressuring him.

According to them, Tom becomes paranoid and ends their relationship because of Dmitry’s influence. They found this to be extremely unjust and heartless.

According to the source, he shared all details with her – from his previous romantic involvements to his involvement in Scientology. The insider also mentioned that if she were to reveal any information, it would be a disastrous situation for him.

According to a previous disclosure, the team of the actor from Top Gun was worried about the possibility of Khayrova’s former partner gaining media attention.

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, the reason for his absence from filming is due to the constant presence of her husband in the media. They wanted to avoid the ex-husband’s recurring negative remarks and decided it was best to not have him involved in the project.

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