Putin’s ally predicts potential threats to Presidential challengers

Russia is set to go to the polls in a few weeks as Vladimir Putin completes his six-year term as President. The populist leader has decided to run for office once again and the early surveys and exit polls suggest another sweeping majority for the incumbent. The lack of a strong opposition face has also contributed to the chances for Putin to come back. 

Boris Nadezhdin has decided to stand against Vladimir Putin in the upcoming elections. The former member of the State Duma has revealed that he has the 10,000 voter signatures to qualify for standing in the Presidential election. The leader has voiced his concerns about the Ukraine war which is having a grave impact on the Russian economy.

Vladimir Putin in the upcoming elections
Vladimir Putin in the upcoming elections

A close ally of Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Solovyov made sensational revelations of what might happen to Boris Nadezhdin if he ran against the incumbent. The prominent face in the Russian media revealed that the opposition leader could be put in prison and even poisoned similar to Alexi Navalny.

Vladimir Solovyov said, “In a human sense, for me, this is a big disappointment. I’ve known Borya for about 25 years. It’s funny to suppose that in our country, Borya thinks he could suddenly be elected president. There are zero chances. You’ll be thrown into prison and that’ll be the end of it!

Your impoverished kids will be raised by the government! Are you a moron? There was a patient from Berlin, and now there will be another one from Nadezhdin’s hometown, Dolgoprudny. He will find out what happens to Navalny and Kara-Murza. It won’t matter; he’s in jail, that much is certain. Is Borya destined to serve his senior years in jail? additionally without charge.

Historically, prominent opposition leaders in Russia have been poisoned. There was growing momentum behind Alexi Navalny, both in Russia and in the West. He promised to topple Vladimir Putin’s government. This was followed by the poisoning of Alexi Navalny while traveling to Germany.

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