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Viktor Medvedchuk Assets Portfolio: Expensive cars to luxurious yachts

According to some sources, his net worth is between $460 million and $800 million

Viktor Medvedchuk, a former Ukrainian lawyer, business oligarch, and politician, has resided in Russia since September 2022, following a prisoner exchange. Known for his pro-Kremlin stance, Medvedchuk shares a personal friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Viktor Medvedchuk Assets faced accusations of financing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, leading to his exchange for Ukrainian fighters in September 2022

A prominent pro-Russia figure in Ukrainian politics, he played a pivotal role in the pro-Russian political bloc within Ukraine.

As a consequence, Ukraine revoked his citizenship, underscoring Kyiv’s determination to eliminate the influence of pro-Moscow politicians within the country.

Overview of Viktor Medvedchuk Assets Portfolio

Properties owned by Medvedchuk and his family

Viktor Medvedchuk, a former member of the Ukrainian Parliament and a well-known figure in both Ukrainian and Russian politics, has possessed multiple properties, companies, and luxurious possessions. We have a summary of the properties that belong to Medvedchuk and his family.

Mansion in Kyiv (Pushcha-Vodytsia neighborhood)

Viktor Medvedchuk, a former Ukrainian Member of Parliament and a key figure in both Ukrainian and Russian politics, possesses an opulent residence situated in the historic Pushcha-Vodytsia neighborhood of Kyiv.

Termed as the “Kyiv-Versailles,” this mansion served as a public display of Medvedchuk’s lavish lifestyle until his arrest by the Security Service of Ukraine in April 2022.

Video footage obtained from the National Police of Ukraine on April 19, 2022, revealed extravagant elements within the mansion, including a golden stallion and luxurious fur coats. Subsequently, Ukrainian authorities seized this property, along with other assets belonging to Medvedchuk and his wife, Oksana Marchenko.

Mansion in Kyiv (Pushcha-Vodytsia neighborhood)
Mansion in Kyiv (Pushcha-Vodytsia neighborhood)

In addition to his mansion in Kyiv, Medvedchuk also owned an opulent country home in Zhdeniievo, a settlement in western Ukraine’s Ternopil region. Known as Dacha Vedmezha Dibrova, this property showcased Medvedchuk’s immense wealth and was one of several residences he owned.

Country home in Zhdeniievo

Viktor Medvedchuk, a former Ukrainian MP and a prominent figure in Ukrainian and Russian politics, once possessed an opulent country retreat in Zhdeniievo, an urban-type settlement in western Ukraine’s Ternopil region. Ukrainian authorities seized this property, also known as “dacha Vedmezha Dibrova,” along with other assets belonging to Medvedchuk and his wife, Oksana Marchenko.

Country home in Zhdeniievo
Country home in Zhdeniievo
Country home in Zhdeniievo

The luxurious estate featured amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, a billiard room, and an artificial lake. Nestled in the Volovets district of Zakarpattia Oblast, it was just one of several residences owned by Medvedchuk, although the specific value of this property remains undisclosed.

The elaborate front gates of this estate, which Business Insider highlighted, demonstrate the politician’s enormous wealth. This property, known locally as Vedmeja Dibrova, was part of a broader array of assets seized from Medvedchuk, including 23 houses, 32 apartments, 30 plots of land, 26 cars, and a yacht. Newsweek also referred to it as a luxury estate, emphasizing its grandeur.

Country home in Zhdeniievo
Country home in Zhdeniievo

Situated in the village of Zhdeniievo, within the Volovets Raion of Zakarpattia Oblast, this property’s significance endures even as Medvedchuk resides in exile in Russia. Ukrainska Pravda has reported that Medvedchuk and his wife maintain ownership of properties in Ukraine, underscoring the complex web of assets connected to this influential political figure.

Estate in Crimea, near Alupka

Viktor Medvedchuk and his family once possessed a lavish estate in Crimea, near Alupka. In connection with assets owned by Medvedchuk and his wife, Oksana Marchenko, Ukrainian authorities seized this property, among others. While the specific value of the estate remains undisclosed, it was a notable component of the assets confiscated from the Medvedchuk family. This estate played a significant role in their extensive property holdings, underscoring the substantial wealth and influence they wielded in the Ukrainian and Russian spheres.

Estate in Crimea, near Alupka
Estate in Crimea, near Alupka

The estate has been featured in various articles, including one from The Page. According to this source, Medvedchuk’s real estate portfolio extends beyond the Crimea property to include thousands of square meters of residential space in Kyiv and an additional estate in Crimea near Alupka, along with 23 hectares along the Bulgarian coast. These properties collectively showcase the Medvedchuk family’s considerable affluence and impact in both Ukrainian and Russian affairs.

Estate in Crimea, near Alupka
Estate in Crimea, near Alupka

Companies and Investments

Involvement in “Ukrkapital” LLC

Viktor Medvedchuk has connections to “Ukrkapital” LLC, an investment company engaged in real estate services, trade intermediation, and rentals. This company receives contributions to its authorized capital from entities based in Cyprus and the UK. In February 2023, Ukrainian authorities seized the property of Ukrkapital, as it was one of the targeted companies.

Ukrkapital came under scrutiny for its involvement in transferring substantial sums of money to Medvedchuk. These funds were ostensibly related to vacation home rentals but were, in reality, diverted for purposes such as supporting anti-government protests and financing pro-Kremlin parties. The company’s activities have faced intense examination due to its role in facilitating financial transactions, which has raised concerns about the inflow of Russian funds. This has prompted questions about the potential connection to the preparation of the invasion of Ukraine or its economic occupation.

The intricate management structure of the company and its involvement in financial activities have highlighted the opaque nature of certain business operations in Ukraine. This has brought attention to the need for greater transparency in such dealings, especially concerning the potential influence of Russian money and its implications for Ukraine’s political and economic landscape.

Oksana Marchenko’s offshore companies in Cyprus

Oksana Marchenko, Viktor Medvedchuk’s wife, is connected to offshore entities in Cyprus, where she holds shares in energy, metallurgical, logistics, and television companies. As reported by The Page, Marchenko is identified as the ultimate beneficiary of Bolvik Ventures Ltd, an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands, possessing a 10% minority stake in the company. Furthermore, she is the exclusive owner of Tumilion Investments Ltd. in Cyprus, which, in turn, holds 100% ownership of Ventolor Holding Ltd.

These offshore entities have come under investigation and scrutiny for their involvement in diverse business activities. Notably, Bolvik Ventures Ltd.’s connection to a minority stake has attracted attention. Meanwhile, the sole ownership of Tumilion Investments Ltd. by Marchenko raises questions about its association with Ventolor Holding Ltd.

A particularly noteworthy revelation is the alleged role of Ukrkapital, a company linked to Medvedchuk, in transferring substantial funds to him under the guise of vacation home rentals. These funds reportedly served various purposes, including diversions, anti-government protests, and financing pro-Kremlin political parties. Ukrainian authorities seized the assets of Ukrkapital and other implicated companies in February 2023.

The engagement of these offshore entities across different sectors has sparked investigative journalism and public interest. The intricate web of financial transactions and business dealings continues to be a focal point of ongoing scrutiny and analysis.

Luxury Yachts and Super Yachts

Ownership of the “Royal Romance” superyacht (estimated value: $200 million).

Viktor Medvedchuk, a former Ukrainian MP and a prominent figure in Ukrainian and Russian politics possesses the opulent “Royal Romance” superyacht, boasting an estimated value surpassing $200 million.
The 93-meter (303 feet) yacht, constructed by Feadship in 2015, offers lavish amenities such as a 39-foot swimming pool, a gym, a salon and spa, a movie theater, and multiple guest rooms spread across its six floors and four decks. With a crew of 22 members, it can comfortably host 14 guests in 7 cabins.

Royal Romance"

In a unique turn of events, the “Royal Romance” was seized in Croatia in March 2022. What sets this apart globally is that the entire proceeds from its sale will go directly to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) is overseeing the auction, and the profits will contribute to the betterment of the Ukrainian state.


Bell 427 helicopter

Viktor Medvedchuk’s Bell 427 helicopter, valued at around $3 million, was seized and subsequently donated to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This action took place within the context of ongoing criminal proceedings. The Bell 427 is a twin-engine rotorcraft capable of transporting up to six passengers. Reliable sources, including The Drive, Gagadget.com, and Wikipedia, contribute to the verification of this information.

The Bell 427, a light utility helicopter crafted by Bell Helicopter and Samsung Aerospace Industries, is a twin-engine, multi-role marvel. Its production, spanning from 1997 to 2010, saw its replacement by the larger Bell 429. Equipped with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207D turboshaft engines featuring FADEC, this helicopter boasts a four-blade main rotor system with a rigid, composite rotor hub, accompanied by a two-blade tail rotor.

Bell 427 helicopter
Bell 427 helicopter

Noteworthy is the 13-inch expansion in cabin length compared to the Bell 407, employing primarily composite construction. With a passenger layout of 6+1 or 5+1, the cabin embraces an open-air concept, and the helicopter provides a generous 29 ft³ (0.8m³) of baggage space. Launched in 2000, the Bell 427 marked another Bell endeavor to pique market interest in a twin-engined iteration of its successful Model 206/407 lines. Its versatile applications span utility and civilian purposes.

Gulfstream G650

Viktor Medvedchuk, a former Ukrainian Member of Parliament and a prominent figure in both Ukrainian and Russian politics, once possessed a Gulfstream G650 business jet registered as T7-GEM. However, Ukrainian authorities seized this aircraft in July 2022 due to ongoing criminal proceedings involving alleged abuse of power and embezzlement. As a result, the Gulfstream G650 was repurposed and donated to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Gulfstream G650
Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650, a top-tier business-class aircraft manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace, boasts impressive specifications. It spans 30.41 meters in length, with a wingspan of 30.36 meters and a height of 7.82 meters. Powered by Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR725 engines, this aircraft can achieve a speed of 904 km/h. Notably, it has a practical range of 12,960 km and a ceiling height of 15.5 km. In the market, the Gulfstream G650 is valued at over $65 million.

This incident with the Gulfstream G650 underscores the legal ramifications faced by Medvedchuk, shedding light on the complexities surrounding the allegations of abuse of power and embezzlement.

Medvedchuk’s car collection

Viktor Medvedchuk’s car collection boasts an impressive lineup, featuring a BMW 750i, a 760i, a Mercedes G55AMG, a Mercedes S500, a Mercedes Maybach 600, a Range Rover, a Bentley Continental GT, and a Mercedes GLE 63 AMG. While the specific estimated value of each vehicle isn’t publicly disclosed, we can provide some context based on available information.

BMW 750i: The average cost of insuring a BMW 7 Series is approximately $3,843 per year. After 5 years, the depreciation of a BMW 7 Series is around 53%, with a resale value of $50,297.

BMW 760i: For reference, the 2019 BMW X5, a similar model, had a starting price listed at $74,100.

Mercedes G55AMG: Comparable to the 2017 Mercedes S600, this model began at $73,000.

Mercedes Maybach 600: Similarly, the 2017 Mercedes S600, a kindred model, had an initial price tag of $73,000.

Range Rover: In comparison, the 2017 Mercedes GLE, a similar model, started at $73,000.

Bentley Continental GT: For a point of reference, the 2017 Bentley Continental GT, a model in the same class, commenced at $215,600.

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