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Leonid Fedun Assets: Unveiling the Billionaire’s Diverse Wealth Portfolio of $8 billion

Overview of Leonid Fedun

Leonid Fedun, a notable figure in Russian business and energy, was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1956. His career is diverse, starting with military service after graduating from the M.I. Nedelin Higher Military Command School and the F. Dzerzhinsky Military Academy. Following the Soviet Union’s dissolution, he transitioned, attending the Higher School of Privatization and Entrepreneurship in Moscow and consulting for Lukoil. His involvement in Lukoil’s privatization has been pivotal, contributing significantly to the company’s growth.

Currently serving as the Vice President of Lukoil and a board member, Fedun maintains a 12% stake in the Russian oil and gas giant. Leonid Fedun Assets, estimated at $8 billion in 2023, largely stem from over $1.5 billion in dividends earned through partial ownership of Lukoil.

Beyond Lukoil, Fedun holds key positions, serving as Chairman of IFD Kapital CJSC and leading Futbolnyi Klub Spartak Moscow OAO, the entity overseeing the Spartak Moscow soccer team. Additionally, he contributes to Lukoil’s Board of Directors, particularly to the Strategy, Investment, and Sustainability Committee.

Fedun’s career journey, from military service to influential roles in energy and sports management, reflects his diverse interests and impactful contributions across sectors.

Diverse Portfolio of Leonid Fedun Assets

Lukoil Stake: The Energy Empire

Leonid Fedun, a co-founder and major shareholder of Lukoil, a prominent Russian oil and gas producer, played a pivotal role in the company’s privatization. His family, including himself, currently holds a significant stake, accounting for approximately 12%. Fedun has amassed over $1.5 billion in dividends from his partial ownership of Lukoil.

In 2018, he passed on a 2% stake in the company to his children. The combined 2.3% stake held by his children is attributed to Fedun, underlining his former role as the vice president and board member of Lukoil.

Beyond Lukoil, Fedun serves as the Chairman of IFD Kapital CJSC. He also holds the position of Chairman at Futbolnyi Klub Spartak Moscow OAO, the organization overseeing the Spartak Moscow soccer team. Additionally, he maintains a nearly 10% ownership stake in Lukoil.

This showcases Fedun’s diverse portfolio, ranging from energy to finance and sports, solidifying his position as a key figure in Russia’s business landscape.

Dividends and Returns: Profits from Lukoil

Lukoil, the Russian oil and gas producer, has demonstrated a consistent commitment to rewarding its shareholders with dividends. According to the company’s Dividend Stability Index (DSI), it has not only been paying dividends regularly for the past seven years but has also witnessed an impressive 222.79% growth over the last five years.

Lukoil follows a dividend payment schedule of once a year, with established payout months in January, June, and December. Notably, the total dividends on the company’s issued shares, excluding those held by Lukoil Group entities, are maintained at a minimum of 100% of the company’s adjusted free cash flow.

Dividends are calculated per share and rounded to the nearest Russian ruble. The payment frequency is semi-annual, with interim dividends determined based on the consolidated financial statements for the preceding six-month period.

Looking ahead, the upcoming Lukoil dividend is scheduled to go ex in 22 days, offering a dividend of 44,700. The payout is anticipated in one month. In contrast, the previous dividend, amounting to 43,800, went ex six months ago and was disbursed five months ago. This consistent dividend distribution reflects Lukoil’s dedication to its shareholders and financial stability.

Diversification Beyond Energy: IFD Kapital Group

IFD Kapital Group, established in 2003 in Moscow, emerged as a Russian financial holding company from Lukoil’s non-oil assets.

The group strategically invests in diverse sectors of the economy, encompassing investment banking, brokerage services, pension reserves, insurance reserves, non-state pension funds, closed-end real estate mutual funds, and a range of insurance products, including mandatory medical insurance.

As of 2012, the company boasts assets surpassing US$14.7 billion and total shareholders’ funds amounting to $7.5 billion. These impressive figures position IFD Kapital among the top 100 largest Russian companies, as per the ratings of Expert-400 and finance500.com.

IFD Kapital operates through four distinct subdivisions: asset management business, Petrocommerce banking group, media and information technology, and real estate. The cohesive coordination of these divisions occurs under the umbrella of the “IFD Kapital” Integrated Private Investment Fund (IPIF).

The primary mission of the group revolves around diversifying its investments beyond the energy sector. This strategic approach aims to broaden its portfolio across various sectors of the economy.

Sports Ventures: Spartak Moscow Soccer Team

Leonid Fedun serves as the Chairman of Futbolnyi Klub Spartak Moscow OAO, the overseeing body for the Spartak Moscow soccer team. Established in 1922, Spartak Moscow is a renowned Russian professional football club boasting a rich history, with 12 Soviet championships and an unparalleled 10 Russian championships to its name. Dressed in the iconic red color, the team plays its home matches at the Otkrytie Arena, a state-of-the-art stadium currently under construction by Fedun, valued at half a billion dollars.

In 2022, the major shareholder of the Russian oil giant Lukoil, Leonid Fedun, played a pivotal role as Lukoil acquired Spartak Moscow along with their home stadium. This strategic move adds another layer to Fedun’s diverse portfolio, intertwining his influence in both the energy sector and the world of sports.

Luxury on the Seas: The Sparta Yacht

Leonid Fedun is linked to the opulent luxury yacht known as Sparta, hailed as a “floating palace” in the elite world of luxury vessels. Sparta, a fully customized 67-meter motor yacht crafted by Dutch shipbuilder Heesen, holds the distinction of being the largest steel yacht to date. The external design, a creation of Espen Ino, exhibits sleek lines and a striking navy blue hull, exuding an air of sophistication that captivates onlookers wherever it sails.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 22 guests, Sparta ensures a lap of luxury, supported by a crew of 14 members dedicated to fulfilling every guest’s whim. The yacht’s interior and exterior designs harmonize seamlessly, providing ample space for guests to relish their family time.

Sparta’s lower deck is exclusively dedicated to wellness and relaxation, featuring a 65-square-meter spa area inspired by Japanese design. The yacht’s transformer passerelle platform offers easy access to the water, complemented by a breathtaking 6.5-meter infinity pool.

Currently available for sale, Sparta comes with an unprecedented price tag of SEK 1,200,000,000, making it a marvel in both design and value.

Architectural Aspirations: Otkrytiye Arena

The Otkrytiye Arena, also known as Spartak Stadium, stands as a versatile landmark in Moscow, Russia. Primarily a football venue, it hosts the Spartak Moscow football club and boasts a seating capacity of 45,360. Constructed in 2014, the stadium’s modern design, crafted by AECOM in collaboration with Sport Concepts and façade designer Dexter Moren Associates, has made it an iconic structure.

The exterior is a standout feature, showcasing a distinctive façade resembling chain mail adorned with hundreds of diamonds that form the Spartak logo. Notably, this façade adapts its colors to match the branding of the playing teams, offering a dynamic visual experience for spectators.

Beyond its role as a football arena, the Otkrytiye Arena accommodates the Spartak Moscow Museum, the official fan club, and a dedicated club shop. Conveniently situated near the bustling Volokolamskoye Highway in Moscow’s northwest, the stadium is easily accessible via the nearby Spartak Metro Station.

More than a sports facility, the Otkrytiye Arena has elevated Moscow’s sporting infrastructure, becoming a symbol of the city’s modernity and architectural ingenuity. It stands as a testament to the region’s rich football history and passion, providing both players and fans with a world-class venue.

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